Buying/Building a new PC

After a long time,I have decided that it is time to replace my computer. In the past,
working as a consultant/trainer I have found it very handy to have a laptop (actually a desktop
replacement) that I could carry around.

Currently I no longer need the benefits provided by the mobility of a laptop, so I started
contemplating about buying a new desktop PC. I have found the task to be somewhat daunting
even to someone that is in the field of IT.
The different manufacturers for each piece of hardware(not even mentioning the different models out
there can be a mess to sort out.

As usual I have turned to the web and I have found a couple of very helpful sites that provide
recommendations based on tests they run…

So,if you are in the same spot(or if you are a hardware enthusiast) these sites may be useful:


–Erik Rozman

E-mail with malicious code or links…

I was always telling myself(since the days of the ‘I Love You’ virus) that people that infected their systems
by clicking on a link(or executing an attachment) found in an e-mail that they are not sure of it’s authenticity
should blame themselves…but- a few days ago I received an e-mail about an e-card I received and I actually
started contemplating the option of opening it as it may be from my family…

My conclusion-these things will actually work,they will eventually manage to break down all rings of skepticism
unless users are constantly warned about the dangers.
Take a look at the operators post at the Internet Storm Center: 


–Erik Rozman