Maximum length of Environment Variables (Windows)

I was asked what is the maximum length of the Path environment variable…To be honest
I was somewhat surprised by the question,how do you reach a point where this is a question?
Well,since it was a serious question, I looked it up and found the following KB article : 830473.

Now before you scream at me (as happened with the person asking the question), that the
length specified is for CMD,read the following:

“This limitation applies to the command line, individual environment variables (such as the PATH variable)
that are inherited by other processes, and all environment variable expansions.”

4 thoughts on “Maximum length of Environment Variables (Windows)”

  1. Hi mate,

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing you thoughts, news, reviews. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and would try to keep visiting it future. Keep it up! : )


  2. just ran into it….
    Intel Compiler uses about a half of this limit itself + svn + some more junk….
    And no warnings from OS, nothing….

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