Playing with Office ribbons

The new Microsoft Office ribbons are an interesting feature, yet they take up additional
screen real estate. A small,yet nifty trick will allow you to hide the ribbons and un-hide
them when needed: Simply double click the label of a ribbon.

Once you do so, the document you are working on receives the additional screen real estate
and the ribbon can be brought back into view by clicking the label of the ribbon you need.

Once the option that you want to use has been clicked and you return to your document the
ribbon disappears. To bring the ribbon back simply double click the label again.


Works with Tool for Windows 2008


The “Works with” tool is a time and cost-saving resource for developers and IT Pros to determine application readiness on Windows Server 2008. Within two to four hours the tool compares an application with Microsoft’s application compatibility criteria and provides a detailed summary. The “Works with” tool can be applied to both commercial and custom in-house developed applications and helps provide IT Professionals increased confidence to deploy applications on Windows Server 2008.


Sysinternals tools Live!

Sysinternals was a company (that got bought by Microsoft) that has created a huge
number of troubleshooting applications for Windows. It is very likely that if you have ever
been engaged in troubleshooting a Windows system you have used one of their tools to
find the problem affecting the system.

The major issue I had with these tools that you actually needed to have them around with you
when you needed them – which in time of need you never had. Now, Microsoft and Sysinternals
have made these tools available to be started from the Internet (no more file hunting) at:

The first file in the directory is a text file that explains what they are trying to achieve through this

What is this?

This is a file share allowing access to all Sysinternals utilities. We have developed this to test an alternate distribution mechanism for our utilities.

This will allow you to run these tools from any computer connected to the Internet without having to navigate to a webpage, download and extract the zip file.

If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Windows Sysinternals, it is highly recommended that you visit the website at before using these tools.

If you have any questions or comments on this file share, please email


The Microsoft Windows Sysinternals Team


If you want to run one of their tools, instead of having to download the tool from the homepage,
you can use the following syntax at a RUN command:



An additional interesting option is to add this location is a Network Location in Vista. This
way you will always have a folder available to you under the Computer icon with the latest versions
of the tool:

  1. Double click the Computer icon
  2. Right click an empty space and choose: ‘Add a Network Location’,press Next
  3. Select ‘Choose a custom network location’ and press next
  4. In the text box enter:\\\tools and press Next
  5. Choose a name for the location and press Next
  6. Press Finish


Windows 7 multi-touch

The rumor of Windows 7 making an appearance at D6 has actually tuned into
reality. The major discovery, except the slightly enlarged taskbar that we are not
allowed to talk about, is that multi-touch features will be natively built into the OS.

Multi-Touch in Windows 7
Multi-Touch in Windows 7

Considering this and keeping in mind that iPhone and Surface already use this technology
I think that we might actually be looking at a small revolution in the field of interaction with

Touch screens have been around for quite a while, yet with multi-touch (after having the
pleasure to experience the Surface for the first time this week) you will be able to achieve
tasks faster in comparison to “older” interface tools such as keyboards and mice.

Details on the SDK will be released at the PDC (October).

Windows 7 Rumors…

Rumors,rumors,rumors…One one hand they are a bad thing since they are
not based on accurate foundations, on the other hand you can’t afford to disregard
altogether as you might miss something important.

A rumor is floating around that Windows 7 will make some sort of appearance at the
“D Conference” to be held on the 27th of May. The rumor doesn’t say what type of
appearance but it will be worthwhile to check:

ShutterSpeed Episode 1

Channel 10 has created a series on Digital Photography and Imaging,
the first chapter can be found here.

The Internet is and keeps growing as a major source of information,
such “shows” just make it stronger-you can learn to do things without
having to leave your house or pay money…

Keyboard Shortcuts (Outlook 2007)

I never cease to be amazed by the shear amount of keyboard shortcuts that are
available for use in most applications. Most of us are accustomed to using the
mouse,yet from time to time I find myself picking up the habit of using a shortcut
that dramatically improves my productivity- the only problem is discovering these

So,just for the fun of it, take a look at the available keyboard combinations
for Outlook 2007 (hopefully you will pick up a few tricks):