Hyper-V and HP Servers

…Or why is my server stuck at 53% of an update.

This one is a real pearl. I was installing Hyper-v on a relatively standard
DL360 G5, after installing the role I installed Hyper-V RTM Update (KB950050)
and I was asked to restart the system to complete the update.

Sounds simple enough,right? Well after the restart I was waiting for the 3rd stage
of the update to complete…so the system is counting percents and it stops counting
at 53%. After waiting for about half an hour, I decided to cold boot it yielding the
same result.

A bit frustrated (to say the least) I started searching the Internet,and guess what:
this is a known issue:

Basically what the KB says is that Hyper-V doesn’t play nice with the HP teaming feature
(which no one uses…I am cynical Mr. Wolf) and you have to rename the DLL it uses
so it won’t start when you update Hyper-V…


I found this whole situation odd:First of all why does this happen, and why does the KB
say 54% when it actually seems to be 53% (based on my search of the Net).

Special character sort order (GAL)

I have worked with Exchange for quite a few years and the thought of trying
to find the sort of order of special characters inside the GAL never crossed my
mind…I wasn’t surprised to see the list on Jim McBee’s blog though:

‘ (back tick)
– (hyphen)
! (exclamation)
# (pound symbol)
$ (dollar)
% (percent symbol)
& (ampersand)
( (open parenthesis)
) (close parenthesis)
* (asterisk)
@ (at symbol)
^ (carrot)
_ (underscore)
~ (tilde)
+ (plus)
= (equals)


The reason I wasn’t surprised is that Jim (in my opinion) is one of the most knowledgeable
people that I know in regards to Exchange. His ‘Exchange 24x7’ books were my bible…

ARP cache timeout changed in Windows Vista and 2008

You might remember that Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) has a local cache that prevents
broadcasting for a system whose MAC address has been resolved. Older versions of
Windows used to have a timeout of 2 minutes for ARP entries (up to 10 minutes), this
has changed. Vista and 2008 has lowered this time to a random value between 15 seconds
and 45 seconds:


Windows Live Video Messages

A new service from Microsoft that allows you to record video messages and send
them to your friends. The idea is simple and clean, instead of sending an e-mail
you send a video…On one hand this is very cool but only if you are actually
interested in having the other side see you or be seen by you… 🙂

I liked the slick interface that stores your messages as if they were post it messages
scattered or ordered. Another neat feature is the ability to save the messages you
have received and as a sender the ability to limit the receiver from saving or
forwarding your message.



New Mouse Technology from Microsoft

Microsoft has a tendency to slowly move into almost every field of our life,
after they move into the field they work their way up the ladder and they
eventually dominate the field (or at least try to).

In the last few days Microsoft has announced a new tracking technology for
mice called BlueTrack. This technology is supposed to allow mice to move and track
virtually any surface with high accuracy.


You can learn more about the new technology on Microsoft’s website:


Fake stuff the next level….

So they say that currently everything is being faked, which is not that new to be
honest:Do you remember Adidos shoes? Well I do. It was the fake and cheap version
of the Adidas shoes…On the other hand it seems that some people are taking ‘everything’
a bit to the extreme:

Faking Bill Gates?!?!?

That’s taking it a bit too far…