The Vault from Lenovo

Ever wanted to feel like Bond, James Bond that is?

Well Lenovo think that you do so they are coming out with a small device that is actually a
secure hard drive which can only be accessed once a code is entered (using the built-in


Now BitLocker can do this, but no doubt this looks cooler,or geekier…depends on you’re angle I

BitLocker and Safe Mode


This one is kind of a gotcha that has caught me by surprise. If you use BitLocker with
a TPM that is PIN protected you can’t log into Safe Mode unless you go into recovery mode.

Personally I found this very surprising to say the least. I honestly can’t say that this sounds
logical to me, if you can provide the PIN protecting the TPM I can’t see why you shouldn’t
be able to access Safe Mode. You are not circumventing any of the protection mechanisms
you simply choose an alternate boot method AFTER you have already gained access to the
system legitimately.