Actualizacion de articulos para Exchange 2003

Actualizaciones de articulos de Exchange 2003

Exchange Server 2003

899382   You may receive an error message when you try to run the Exchange Management Pack Configuration Wizard in a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 clustered environment

883949   Message originator may receive an NDR when a message is forwarded to a valid alternative recipient in Exchange Server 2003

883940   Address length padding may be miscalculated when Exchange Server 2003 validates the PR_REDIRECTION_HISTORY property

889463   Description of updates for problems with forwarded messages in DMS-enabled Exchange Server 2003 organizations

891850   Exchange 2003 does not send a second non-delivery report when you send an encrypted message from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2003 by using Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes

818474   Overview of Security-Enhanced Settings in the Default Configuration of Exchange Server 2003

822440   Comparison between Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition and Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

820848   An X.400 Connector Does Not Connect to an Exchange Server 2003 Computer That You Moved to a New Routing Group

887612   You may be redirected to the wrong page when you log off Exchange 2003 and then log on again by opening Outlook Web Access in the same Web browser window

831713   The Exchange Server Migration Wizard stops responding (hangs) when you migrate mailbox data from an IMAP4 server to Exchange Server 2003

886948   The Migration Wizard does not migrate all the calendar items in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1

842631   An update is available to configure the timeout settings for the Migration Wizard in Exchange Server 2003

884849   HTML e-mail messages lose their formatting when you use the Exchange Mailbox Merge program to migrate .pst files to Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes

883652   You receive an “Error code: -1056749031” error message when you try to move a mailbox to a different administrative group by using a script in Exchange 2003

824112   “Setup Failed While Installing Sub-Component Microsoft Exchange WMI Providers with Error Code 0xC103798A” Error Message When You Try to Install Exchange Server 2003

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