32-bit Explorer Extensions

We all have our favourite Windows Explorer extensions — you know, those little things that add themselves to the right mouse button click. My two favourite are WinZip and GVim, my editor of choice. I really miss having those two available directly from Explorer, but they simply don’t work. The problem is that WinZIP and GVim are pure 32-bit applications, and the extensions are 32-bit as well. But Windows Explorer is 64-bit, and 64-bit programs can't call 32-bit dlls (and 32-bit programs can't call 64-bit dlls). There is a workaround, however:
See KB #895561 Some Windows Explorer extensions and some Control Panel items are not available in x64 Edition.
    a.)    create a shortcut to: 

           "%windir%\syswow64\explorer.exe /separate"
           (remove the quotes) and place it on your desktop
    b.)    Use this version of Windows Explorer when you need to use your extensions. 
Meanwhile, let the folks at WinZip know you don't like that workaround and want a real 64-bit program.
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