OK, by now we all know that drivers can be a bit of a nuisance for x64 Edition. So, before I actually went out and spent the money for a new NIC, I did a bit of research, and it appeared that the new D-Link DGE-660TD Gb Ethernet CardBus NIC would work with the built in drivers in x64 Edition for my Ferrari 4005, primarily because I’ll need a second gb NIC for running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Edition. I was a little worried because I couldn’t get direct confirmation from D-Link about the chipset used , but I plugged it in and it immediately recognized it as a RealTek 8169/8110 family NIC, installed the drivers, and there it was. It Just Worked. How nice.

The point of this? Well, besides saying some nice things about RealTek who have been great about drivers, it’s also to point out that doing some research up front will save you LOTS of pain with x64 Edition. There are good products out there that have drivers. But if you do the research first, rather than complaining after you’ve already spent your money, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain, and the rest of us a lot of annoyance. We love to help, but we also appreciate it when you do your part.


One Response to Drivers!

  • Chris says:

    I am looking on getting the D-Link DGE-660TD CARDBUS becuae it is a 10/100/100 and I want to transfer files fast through my network. The only problem is that I need to know the the /1000 will work with the drivers on windows xp professional 64bit. I am using a HP Pavilion ZV6000.