Current AntiVirus (AV)

This is the current state of Anti-Virus on x64 so far as I'm aware. If you know of others, by all means tell me.


Avast!  -

Not Free

Nod32 -
Professional -
eTrust 7.1 (CA) - -> Version 8 is now available and works with x64
Symantec Corporate -
McAfee Enterprise (sorry, don't have the link right now.)
TrendMicro  Client Server Messaging
Kapersky Anti-Virus version 6 (KAV6)

Updated: 18 May, 2006 - added Kapersky


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6 Responses to Current AntiVirus (AV)

  • Jane Colman says:

    Avast! Home Edition for Windows is on this page

    Yes, it is 64 bit compatible.

  • Jason Benway says:

    trend’s website states:
    “Supports Intel™ Itanium™-based 64-bit clients”

    I have an user that is requesting a new x64 box, but we have no experience with the x64 platform at a minimum they need to run AV, and that site is currently running Trend officescan.

    Thank you

  • Paul says:

    Nod32 sadly isn’t a free AV offering – but it’s still 64-bit 🙂

    Computer Associates have updated their eTrust Antivirus package to r8. It’s still x64 compatible (in fact all components are actually native 64-bit, no *32’s in sight). It now uses a web GUI for it’s control centre and as an important upgrade from the r7.1 it now includes email scanning at a client, or workstation if you prefer the term :), level.


  • xperts64 says:

    I’ve updated to show that Nod32 isn’t free. Thanks for letting me know.

    As for Trend – NO, the Itanium version will NOT work for your x64 clients. And Trend still hasn’t released an x64 version, I’m afraid. 🙁

  • Philipp Kohn says:

    Trendmicro released the new Officescan Version 7.3, which is fully x64 compatible:

    [quote] 4.3 Windows XP/Server 2003 client
    To install the client on a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 computer,
    it must have the following:
    300MHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent. Itanium Processor Family
    (IPF), Itanium Architecture-64 (IA64), AMD64, or Extended Memory 64
    Technology (EM64T) processor architectures also supported.

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Home Edition or Windows Server
    For IPF, IA64, EM64T and AMD64 architectures: Windows XP 64-bit
    edition or Windows Server 2003[/quote]

    Regards Philipp

  • scubadiver says:

    It’ve also Kav6 and Kis6 working on x64