Oh, my. AMD is buying out ATI. This may not be directly x64 related, folks, but it will definitely have a huge impact on x64 hardware. Currently, the most popular chipsets for AMD boards are from ATI’s main competitor – Nvidia. I suspect they’ll be shifting their focus to Intel CPUs now, though I find it hard to believe that they’ll completely abandon AMD - they’ve made a lot of money on AMD systems over the last few years. And is Intel likely to want to use ATI chipsets on their own (and their reference) motherboards? Not very likely.

My real problem, however, is trying to figure out how this is going to benefit either company. I’ve seen enough mega-mergers in the computer world to know that this will have a major effect on the productivity of both companies in the short term. And this at a time when AMD is back to playing catchup with Intel? It just doesn’t make sense.


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