FabulaTech USB over Network v4.x

Given what I’ve been seeing since the release of version 4.2 (and now 4.3) of FabulaTech’s USB over Network software, I’m recommending that users stick with version 4.1 or even earlier. I’ve had multiple unexplained hard crashes that have no other apparent explanation. When FabulaTech releases a new version, I’ll do some serious load testing before I implement it in production. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: I’ve been running version 4.3 for a while now, and haven’t experienced the level of crash version 4.2 was giving me. Hopefully, they have resolved the issues. It’s to be noted that FabulaTech was very proactive when I uninstalled and reported the problem to them, and even provided a beta build to test. So they do take issues very seriously, a good sign!

Further UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Version 4.3 has just BSOD’d my HP server. Not a pretty sight. And at least one other MVP, Wayne Small, has had similar issues, also on HP hardware. That’s it, I’m pulling my recommendation. I’ll be testing a similar product from KernelPro, but no recommendations there until I’ve had a change to really beat up on it. Including on my production HP server. Expect a full post on the issue in a week or two.

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