Expression Media Background

Back in June 2006, Microsoft acquired iView Multimedia, the UK company that produces iVew Media Pro. Media Pro is a popular digital asset catalog application, which is evolving into Expression Media

Tame Your Media
Imagine how much more you’d get done if you could just find what you’re looking for. Expression Media makes digital asset management easy—just drag and drop to import more than 100 different media formats, including digital RAW files. Even when your originals are offline, Expression Media’s visual catalogs allow you to browse, search, and annotate your assets.

Your Workflow Enhanced
Handle lots of files, fast, with the professional’s choice. Rename, convert, or tag hundreds of files at a time with sophisticated batch processing; or use powerful search features to instantly find and retrieve your digital media assets. Edit images and keep track of your changes with version control, while folder watching keeps your catalogs up to date.

Presentation is Everything
Impress your audience with slide shows, videos, and Web galleries. When it’s time to deliver, Expression Media can export your assets in exactly the format and size your clients need, with dozens of professionally designed presentation templates. With Expression Media Encoder, you can convert and publish video to reach a broad, cross-platform audience.

Based on the Expression Media FAQ, it looks like Microsoft will continue with a Mac version of the product.

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