Adding functionality to your website with FrontPage 2002 Part IV – Banners


Page Banners, Adding Comments, Inserting Timestamps.

Adding functionality to your website with FrontPage 2002 – All about Working with Page Banners, Adding Comments, Inserting Timestamps. Page banners are blocks of text. For example, headlines, column and section headers and the website name. Page banners maintain the styles and graphics (They look like big link bars if they are graphical) and provide the location to give a page a title.

Designing and developing a web site involves many tasks and little reminders help smooth the way. This becomes more important when there is more than one person working on a site.

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Adding functionality to your website with FrontPage 2002 Part II – Navigation component


Navigation component

The bigger the website, the more important it is that your visitors should be able to navigate through your site. There are a number of ways to accomplish this and one of the most effective tools is the navigation bar, which is actually a collection of hyperlinks used to guide visitors through a website. The hyperlinks usually lead to primary pages, such as a contact page or the site’s home page. Link bars can be placed on every page of your web site, so visitors can easily navigate without losing their way, the bars can have buttons or text hyperlinks.

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How to save your Favourites – bookmarks, and sort them for Broken links.


How to have your Internet Explorer Favourites or Netscape Bookmarks available on your own site and sort them for broken links

Best of all you can check out your favourites collection for dead links using the FrontPage Reports feature. Merely select the ‘In Page’ column to sort the files into alphabetically order and then select all the _bookmark.htm (or whatever you named your file) files. You can do this by selecting the first file holding down shift and then selecting the last file. Or to select individual files hold down the control key and click on those files you want selected.

How to maintain your website using FrontPage Tools and Features and the methods to employ.


Maintaining your FrontPage site

Doing site maintenance IS a chore, however it WILL save you valuable time, provide more
megabytes for your bucks and in doing it every week will make you rest easy your web is as
ship shape and pristine as can be.

  • So what can you do?
  • What are the benefits of having a clean well-maintained site?
  • Would you want your visitors to find your old files?
  • Last years’ prices?

How embarrassing, keep your customers from coming across old outdated or just simply
incorrect information and sweep those cobwebs away today.

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Preparation of your site for publishing is done, now it’s time to publish


All About Publishing with FrontPage 2002 – Part ll, I’ve done My Homework. Can I publish now?

Publishing with FrontPage 2002, so, you’ve read Part I of this article and you’ve reserved your domain name, built and prepared your site and are now ready to get your content up on a server. Depending on your personal choices when you selected a web host you will now want to publish your website to a server with FrontPage Server Extensions enabled by HTTP or by FTP for the first time.

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Prepare before publishing your site


All About Publishing with FrontPage 2002 – Part l, Doing Your Homework First

Publishing with FrontPage 2002, Choosing a domain, Finding a host, what bandwidth to you need? How much disk space do you want? Domain shopping checklist. Does this website require FrontPage Server Extensions? You have crafted your first site and you’re ready to publish it to the big wide world … but are you? It’s best to do some preparation before you take that next step.

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First Post – Welcome to my first blog

It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally caught up and got myself a blog. Bear with my while I figure out this interface and how to actually blog. My idea of a blog is somewhere you keep a kind of diary, so I’ll be telling you things I’m doing and anything to do with FrontPage and web design that I think might be interesting.

I decided to streamline my FrontPage resource efforts and so I’ve been making and launching new sites to that end, it’s going to take me time but it will worth it to free up more of my time for other projects.

I recently started a new site called FrontPage Tips which I will be launching in the near future with weekly tips that will only be available via the ezine for free.

I’ve also launched another new site called AddonFP which is all about FrontPage Add ons and also has an update ezine which lets you know about addins that have been added to the site.

My main FrontPage site is AccessFP – FrontPage Resource Centre this is site is more like a portal and contains archives on older versions of FrontPage, with other FrontPage resources. This site also has a update Journal and lets you know what’s new about the site.

On the non-FrontPage front I also like to draw and have a Abstract Art site, I draw with gel ink pens and call my pictures doodles they are all originals.