Re-launches and FrontPage News

Once again I’m catching up it’s all I ever seem to do. What’s been happening? Well, I’ve re-launched AddonFP – FrontPage Addons I’ve learnt a great deal more CSS since I launched it, (only two months ago!) and I just had to redo the site. The layout is slightly different and I also made a new logo and I’m pleased with the result.

I’ve published my FrontPage and CSS article which is in two parts I hope you find it of use.

I’m also working on a new template for the re-launch of AnyFrontPage currently know as AnyBackPage – FrontPage Ezine. My partners retired and now we are no longer a limited company I’m going back to the old link. The format will be a bit different, the ezine will contain an article (the one I’m launching with will be about DWT (Dynamic Web Templates) and there will be FrontPage News and Links, my publishing schedule will be as and when no set times.

On the FrontPage News front of the moment I should tell you about Critical updates at Microsoft which include FrontPage amongst other Microsoft products.

Tip: Don’t apply the updates from windows updates or office updates without first shutting down FrontPage or your webs will be moved to another location.

At lot is do with a graphics flaw go to the windows update and the office update and scan for updates you have not got yet.

FrontPage 2003 and Cascading Style Sheets

FrontPage 2003 and CSS

NOTE: The Rest of this article can now be found at the article is in two parts, the second part can be found at

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