Promoting your FrontPage Website

Promote your website

I’ve posted a new article about promoting your FrontPage Website and I’ve added a link about a new CMS FrontPage Addon. CMS stands for (Content Management System) which I featured in the new first issue of AnyFrontPage Ezine (see item 7). Others are rapidly beginning to see just how good and useful this addon is. Notably and

Be sure to get the new updates for Office. I’m continuing to blog away at FrontPage Advice with lots more Questions and Answers about FrontPage. I discovered a rather neat feature called bloglet which allows you to have people sign up to your blog and receive updates, I’m thinking about putting it on this site.

I’ve added my ugly mug because I’m told people like to see a ‘face’ something my brother wrote about at his PR_Communications blog. My brother is getting married in April in Boston no less, and I’m going over there, I’m told I’ll need sweaters not jumpers, perhaps I will need a dictionary too to help me translate. This is terrible, my dad is American and I thought I knew all the translations I guess I have more to learn. Talking of my dad I made him a present for his birthday, he is selling his Derbyshire Cottage so I made a site about his house. He liked it so much he showed his girlfriend, Pauline and she commissioned a site for her own Wilmslow House which she is selling also.

I’ve decided by just keeping to FrontPage on this blog I’m restricting my creative output so I’ll talk more about life and web design in general from now on.

Talking of life, I’m having a new kitchen, I’m just waiting for my husband to turn up, he works for North West Keyholding as operations manager and then we are off to B&Q to organise for our kitchen to be measured. I’m waiting for the builder to come knock down a door and close another one up, then I will not have people tramping through my ‘computer room’ aka the dining room (no room for a dining table in here), oh peace at last? We shall see. Project managing everything, involves organising people, Number one son Daniel will be helping me clean the kitchen from top to bottom, Number two and number three sons Darren and Jack will strip it and patch up any plaster cracks etc. B&Q will do the honours with installing and hopefully tiling too, and I’ll have a dishwasher at long last, so ending the arguments about who is washing, will I have now have arguments about who is going to load it? I hope not.

Promote Your FrontPage Website

How to Promote Your Website

Promote Your Website in the many and myriad ways I outline below and you will soon reap the benefits of your hard work.

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Finally you could just write an article using your own sites, blog, lists and ezines as real life examples and have it printed in an ezine that has a large readership – catching on yet?


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FrontPage Ezine, AnyFrontPage Bytes Ezine has just been re-launched. For members only there is a free Frontpage Ebook called Frontpage Newbie Secrets, which has also been updated. The ebooks which are available of the ezine have been moved to FrontPage Ebooks. If you would like to sign up receive the ezine you can do so at the group AnyFrontPage Bytes.

Normally I will be producing a shorter excerpt from the main article on the site, for the first issue however the full article about FrontPage Includes has been featured on the site.

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