Tricks and Methods for Clean coding in a FrontPage site

Cleaning up your FrontPage Code

  • Setting up your site
  • About Optimizing Code
  • Specify automatic formatting settings for code
  • FrontPage Accessibility Checker
  • Authoring modes
  • Linking to your homepage and other index pages within your website
  • Removing Generator and Progld tags from within FrontPage
  • Removing word code from your FrontPage web
  • How to fix links coded incorrectly
  • Span Language tags in the HTML
  • Tools and links to help you optimize your site
  • Tips on working with code

If you set up your FrontPage website from the beginning you will have less problems down the road. FrontPage is a great tool and if the user knows how to manipulate it they can achieve clean code, fast pages, optimised sites and more time for other pursuits! This article aims to get you started along this road.

Microsoft FrontPage provides a variety of features that help you edit HTML more easily. When all is said and done however if you can’t validate your code completely don’t obsess over it, as long as your code degrades gracefully and is accessible sometimes you need to go for design over validating just use your common sense.

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New Frontpage Blog

SiteBuilder Resources

SiteBuilder a fairly new FrontPage Blog has been inserted into the FrontPage Blogs section. Another blog by an Microsoft MVP – FrontPage  that you might like to know about by is Paul Colligan’s Internet and Affiliate Marketing Blog

There are a few office and Windows updates available don’t forget to update.

The latest FrontPage Tip is: FrontPage has many uses. Do you know them all?

Have you updated all your copyright notices? In your meta tags and your sites and groups?

The walls go down, the walls go up

Ahhhhh, Sigh, at long long last my builder started on my kitchen, he’s knocked down the pantry and the side wall and built up the two outside walls in the porch. This house was built in the 1940’s and therefore designed by a man! It’s the most hopeless kitchen I’ve ever seen! Needless to say it looks twice the size already. Tomorrow they are coming to render outside, build up the floor where the porch was and prepare a surface for plastering. Next my kitchen fitter will be along and he will plaster put new lights in and level off the ceiling and get rid of all those awful swirls. Then the new kitchen is fitted, with that dishwasher I mentioned before – oh joy. I don’t have a back door at the moment, as my builder has to put new French doors in the dining room .. and this means .. gasp moving my computer. BUT! I got a new kitchen, though I don’t know why I’m so excited as I hate cooking. Sigh, Ahhhh.

Microsoft MVP – FrontPage

Most Valuable Professional 

I’ve just been awarded MVP status for the second year running. You can learn more about the MVP program at: which has links to more information – you will need a Microsoft Passport to access this.

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I’ve been publishing the weekly FrontPage tips as promised though sometimes a day late. To date the tips posted have been:

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