New FrontPage Blog by Tina Clarke

New FrontPage Blog

The folks at  have moved the blogs to a new host and are using new blogging software this has resulted in a new url. Our url was it is no

Update note: – I have sold my domain for my new FrontPage Blog as I am going to post here for any FrontPage Blog news and use my even NEWER Expression Web Blog for Expression Web posts

I'm very close to launching a new Tips Ebook which you will be able to see at and I'll be sending out another issue at shortly too.

The next Weekly FrontPage Tip due out at is Tip 31,

Adding a Browser to the Browser Preview List

I also post a listing of FrontPage Resources to the FrontPage Client Newsgroup each Thursday

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

Tina Clarke
Microsoft MVP – FrontPage

Introduction to CSS – Cascading Style Sheets – for web page creation and layout

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