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Find Alt Attributes with a FrontPage Query

FrontPage uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to perform queries and you can write your own queries with the Find and Replace Dialog box. Once your query is created you can then save it so you can use it again or you provide it for others to use.

What do you do if you miss entering the text into the Alt Attribute and need to check your whole site? We have the solution, this new FrontPage Article Find Alt Attributes with a FrontPage Query provides a free FrontPage query for download and consists of the following step by step instructions.

  • How to write a Query

    • Without Attribute – Alt

    • Without Attribute – Alt – Replace Action

  • Running a Query

  • Sharing Queries

  • Saving a Query from a third party

  • FrontPage Query – Remove Border Thickness on Images

  • FrontPage Query Gift to AnyFrontPage Members

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J-Bots Plus FrontPage Addon – New Low Pricing

New Low Pricing for FrontPage Addon J-Bots Plus 2004

The Developers at J-Bots are feeling nostalgic.

To commemorate 10 years in business, they have rolled back the price of J-Bots Plus to $34.99. Its original introductory price in 1996.

Don’t delay no telling when this pricing will change, what are you getting with this addon and why should you get it? Well what’s your time worth?

  • Fully compliant with and fully integrated into FrontPage 2003; also functions in
    FP 2002 and FP 2000
  • Extends the functionality of FrontPage web sites
  • Allows nonprogrammers to have expanded features on their web sites; saves programmers the time it takes to create JavaScript code
  • Uses Windows XP Styles for crisper, brighter dialog boxes (new!)
  • Full HTML Help system, plus What’s This? Help for component dialog boxes
  • Automatic detection and use of elements (images, form fields, text, etc) used earlier on page (new!)
  • Browse feature opens files in your open web in seconds, for quick selection
  • Screen representation of the component you create appears in Preview page
  • Components are easily accessible from the J-Bots toolbar, which may be positioned anywhere on page
  • Most Recently Used Components menu visible with just a right click (new!)
  • Bookmark feature makes bookmarks quicker and easier to set on your web pages
  • Setup file is more streamlined – 2MG smaller than previous versions; translates to faster download of software (new!)
  • Version Detector features automatic version/upgrade detection (new!)

All products are compatible with FrontPage 2003, 2002, 2000 unless indicated otherwise. If you have a version of J-Bots Plus 2002, or J-Bots 2002 and wish to use it in FrontPage 2003, you can  download an update from the site.