Expression Web Christmas Offers

Expression Web Christmas Offers

I have done a round up of all the Expression Web and related offers for Christmas. Great for gifts or just to treat yourself.

Expression Web upgrade 2.0

50% OFF – Limited Time Offer
Microsoft Online Store


Expression Web Class

10% OFF – Coupon: TCfriends
Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook and Class


Expression Web Ebook

Xmas Offer: Was $55 Now $22
FrontPage to Expression Web


Expression Web Addon

Xmas Offer: Was $49.99 Now $34.99 Expires Dec 31st
Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web 
(affiliate link)


Expression Web Tips Ebooks

Each ebook is $7 bundled they are $13
Bonus includes EW Regular Expression Query
Expression Web Tips Ebooks Vol l and Vol ll




Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog

The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog launched today.

Based on the goal to make the MVP program more visible to the public, this new Microsoft blog hopes to bring new insight to the technical community. They want to bring technical articles, ‘how to’ guides, books, link to presentations or pod casts etc for you to enjoy.

Best of all they will link to MVPs websites instead of putting the content on the blog.

SEO (search engine optimization) wise that’s a good thing for MVPs. Microsoft employee’s are a bit hit and miss when it comes SEO. For instance the link on the logo in their new blog carries the home file instead of being a straight absolute link, as indeed did the link on the notice I got about the new blog. Since we all know (oh how we know) that Microsoft is again very hit and miss (more miss than hit) when it comes to redirects (and are they 301 redirects I ask?) using the home file name in this case default.aspx means that next time they change the file extension (which they have done many times in the past for parts of their site) all those backlinks will end up in a 404.

However I digress. If you want to find out more about what the MVP program is all about or even how you can work towards becoming one. Then subscribe to their MVP Award Blog Feed