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Introduction to CSS – Cascading Style Sheets – for web page creation and layout

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Upon completion you will be able to do the following.

  • Create CSS Level 1 and the most widely supported Level 2:
  • Inline styles
  • Style blocks
  • External style sheets
  • Separate the content layer from the presentation layer
  • Change the “look and feel” of your website by changing the just the style sheet

CSS Class – Introduction to CSS – Cascading Style Sheets for web page creation and layout
CSS Classes – 20% off with this code
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Introduction to CSS – Cascading Style Sheets – for web page creation and layout Class

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Birthdays, Printers and Art

Birthdays and Printers

This week I’ve been very busy having a rather good time. My husband took me to Manchester on Wednesday so we could take a look at PCWorld (Computer shop) and go to Waterstones (Bookshop). I like to do things hands on, I like to feel the books and read the prefaces and just generally immerse myself in the experience, I bought a couple of books courtesy of some money my son Darren gave me, one of which was Children of Hope by David Feintuch.

We had lunch in a 15th Century Restaurant, and while the surroundings were great the service and food were not very good, I would have expected better for the price. There is also a Festive Fair at the moment on St Ann’s and St Albert’s Squares and we did not have time to visit both, but we are doing on Monday. On my birthday (24th) we spent the morning rearranging my computer room which I’ve wanted to do for ages and now I’ve got my beautiful desk back <big grin> with a TV to boot. Later that day I went to the beauty salon and was very pampered (thank you sally) who also managed to improve my back problem (which I happened when I was visiting Boston in April, I fell on some very slippy steps coming out of Starbucks (which I only got to spend 20 minutes in with all those lovely books). Then my husband, son and his girlfriend and I all went to The Copperfield, where my husband paid for a very very expensive meal. However the service and the meal (apart from my steak which was not cooked medium well but medium rare – and they fixed that to perfection) were second to none, I’d been taken there before for our anniversary and thought I’d like to go back. Next year I will be kinder to my husbands wallet though and ask to go elsewhere <smile>

I need a printer to produce prints and cards etc for my original Pen and Ink Abstract Art I’ve been looking at printers that compromise on price as to the quality that I need. I’ve been looking most closely at the Epson R1800 Printer which retails at £399.00. Speaking to the people at pcworld they pointed me to who are specialists in photos and prints, so I’m going there on Monday. I don’t want to spend all that money and buy the wrong printer, I did think I should be looking at a scanner but I was told I needed a good camera. I really don’t know what I need, however I know what I want to do. That is to produce limited edition prints of my art work and cards and other things that can be sold at craft fairs. I like getting out and meeting people and would love to do more craft fairs.

Mals e-commerce Cart Shows the way to Good Practices

Good practices from Mal’s e-commerce free online cart

When doing some research into using payment methods for a new site of mine that will be selling my artwork. I was testing out Mal’s e-commerce a free online cart. I noticed the code generated by the online button maker would not validate.

When I see something not quite right I always email the webmaster, in this case Mal Stewart and informed him of the problem. I did not expect an answer, and if I got one, it would probably be in a week. Even if I got a reply I expected a polite brush off. However, that was not the case here. Not only did Mal answer my post in a timely fashion, he told me he had already altered the generating code as a result of my post to him. Is that good service for a free product or what? What’s more Mal supports good practices. I can highly recommend his Cart and services.

The Wedding Trip to Boston

Ok I admit I’ve been so busy lately I’ve not had time to update the blog. I wonder how many times you can find that on google?:)

What have I been busy with? Well, one of the things I’ve been doing is preparing a new Free Ebook, which you can read more about in the next post (under FrontPage Posts).

Another is getting ready for my trip, which took place last week to ‘the old country’. In other words where I was born. I finally ‘revisted’ Amercia. I nearly did’nt, it was only a chance question to the online Bank of America, I wanted to open an account with them when I went over, and as part of the info I told them I was born there but did not have a USA passport and I’d be coming over in two weeks. Well they told me that if you were born there you HAVE to enter and leave on a American passport. So I phoned up the US Embassy who confirmed it (visa Section). Then had to wait the till Monday to phone up to make an appointment – in London. I got one for the next morning at 10.30. So we drove to London with only one stop. We never would have made it without a chance question of a guy in a petrol (gas) station, asking for directions, he was going our way, follow him, we did. It was so intricate we would not have made it, I got in the building in the queue with about 3 minutes to spare before the cut off time, nearly half an hour late for my appointment. They would not give me a temporary passport they insisted on a proper one.

So I spent the next two weeks with two bank holiday’s included biting my nails wondering if it would come. It came the friday before I left on the Sunday (3rd April) Success, I did not have to fill out any peksy cards either. However I nearly did not make the plane to Boston, because the first flight was from Manchester to London. This was my first flight as an adult, never having been ‘aboard’ before. Ugh is all I can say, then I discovered travel sickness armbands I highly recommend them. The pill i’d taken had not worked. By the time of the next flight, and another pill I found myself on the next plane to take us to Boston. I was quite nervous about the flying too. Now having flown there and back, it’s not the flying that bothers me it’s the actual bumpy ‘being on the fairground ride’ feeling that conjures up thoughts of never wanting to get on a plane again. Just writing this out is making my dizzy thinking about it. Ugh. The main flight as not too bad I think the higher altitude and the fact I could look at a screen helped a lot.

Anyway I made to Boston along with my Son, Darren age 24 who took good care of me. My daughter Helena aged 13 who was a Bridesmaid for my brother John Cass who married Karin Feeney on the 9th April. The flower girl broke her leg, and the Brides father had to have surgury on the wednesday before, the strap of the bridesmaid dress got lost and found, and the things ran late, in the end though we all had a wonderfull time and the honeymooners went to Nantucket. My other brother Dale and his wife Lynda and son Alex also travelled with us, we all had a great week eating out at the Legal Fish Restraunt and we took a Duck tour. I’m afraid China Town consisted of walking around looking at dusty buildings, but the malls – Galleria at Cambridge – were most excellent. We stayed at the The Kendall in Cambridge I’d recommend it to anyone, great rooms.

On the Wednesday, I’d arranged to meet Kathleen Anderson another Microsoft MVP – FrontPage for lunch. She was late due to traffice, which put me on tenderhooks, as I knew something else would go wrong. It did, we waited for Fran whom I did the AnyFrontPage Bytes ezine with for four years. She was staying near Logon airport so she could pick up Tiffany (another Microsoft MVP – FrontPage) but things did not work out, and so she had a good 40 minutes to drive to meet us, on the way the dog (which she had had to bring with her) was sick all over her so she had to go back to change. Eventually she arrived and went to lunch at the Legal Sea Food across the street. Yummy clam chowder which i’d had for the first time, We had a great time chatting away I just wish it could have been longer but we took some photos to remind us we all were real – lol – we had never meet in the flesh before. I hope one day they can come over here and visit with me in England.

On the Thursday we went to Scituate (which is where the wedding was to take place ) about an hour away. Great little town with a harbour and wood slatted houses painted in lovely colours. Other relatives came down that live in Montreal and Phildephia, whom we had not seen for a while, so we had a great time visiting with them as well as meeting all my new sister-in-law’s family. We took a lot of photos, some which you might see here when I get them onto the computer. I’ve spent most of today sleeping, and now I’m out of whack again, no doubt it will sort itself out over the week.

It’s great to be back home where I can read a paper that make sense (The Sun). I know which way to look when I’m crossing the road – however it did not matter in America because everyone stopped as soon as I reached the kerb) I don’t go to the wrong side of the car to get in ( I don’t drive) and the meat is not smoked. It’s also great to hear english accents. In Boston there were a variety and either I had to repeat several times or other people did, as we could not understand each other’s accent’s. Oh and it’s noughts not zero’s over here.

America was different, and I am glad I was visting Boston because anywhere else I think it would have been too different, Boston was ‘old’ with a sense of history, which is what I’m used to. However it’s GREAT to be back home, and I really NEVER want to get on a plane again.

I might have to though, we want to visit Ireland for our 27th Wedding anniversary next St Patrick’s day, we shall see. That folks was my Wedding Trip to Boston.

– The Kitchen Saga update

They are still ‘fitting’ it, they managed to put in a plug socket and the cooker, which is not working yet in the week I was away, my husband said they did more, but I can’t see it. I’m not worrying about it, the only thing is I want it finished as I can’t move for mess boxes and more mess. I have the french doors to be done yet as well. Help.

Kitchen Saga and the hospital visit

Today my kitchen arrived. Tomorrow so does the fitter. Crossing fingers everything is going to go to plan. Of course the fact that I’ve just got back from the hospital with my just turned 13 year old daughter and her badly sprained ankle does not bode well. I need a rest, good job this trip to Boston is coming up to see my brother get married. Trouble is I’ve got to get my daughter her bridesmaid outfit and other clothes… this is not going to work well with her hopping all over the place. Onwards and Upwards…..