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Close All Pages – Close All Pages Command

Close All Pages Command in Expression Web

EWD has a Save All selection under the File Menu, however what happens when you have twenty pages open and want to close them all at once?

The solution is to add a menu item to the File Menu, and save design time, how do we do this?

This tip can now be found at Close all pages command in Expresion Web

Expression Web Tip by Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP – FrontPage
Copyright  © 2006 All Rights Reserved

FrontPage Queries – Free FrontPage Queries

Find Alt Attributes with a FrontPage Query

FrontPage uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to perform queries and you can write your own queries with the Find and Replace Dialog box. Once your query is created you can then save it so you can use it again or you provide it for others to use.

What do you do if you miss entering the text into the Alt Attribute and need to check your whole site? We have the solution, this new FrontPage Article Find Alt Attributes with a FrontPage Query provides a free FrontPage query for download and consists of the following step by step instructions.

  • How to write a Query

    • Without Attribute – Alt

    • Without Attribute – Alt – Replace Action

  • Running a Query

  • Sharing Queries

  • Saving a Query from a third party

  • FrontPage Query – Remove Border Thickness on Images

  • FrontPage Query Gift to AnyFrontPage Members

If your reading this article and you are not a member of AnyFrontPage Ezine then delay no longer and sign up to become a one and you will be entitled to the free FrontPage Query – Remove Border Thickness on Images globally.

All articles are Copyright © 2006 Tina Clarke All Rights Reserved

J-Bots Plus FrontPage Addon – New Low Pricing

New Low Pricing for FrontPage Addon J-Bots Plus 2004

The Developers at J-Bots are feeling nostalgic.

To commemorate 10 years in business, they have rolled back the price of J-Bots Plus to $34.99. Its original introductory price in 1996.

Don’t delay no telling when this pricing will change, what are you getting with this addon and why should you get it? Well what’s your time worth?

  • Fully compliant with and fully integrated into FrontPage 2003; also functions in
    FP 2002 and FP 2000
  • Extends the functionality of FrontPage web sites
  • Allows nonprogrammers to have expanded features on their web sites; saves programmers the time it takes to create JavaScript code
  • Uses Windows XP Styles for crisper, brighter dialog boxes (new!)
  • Full HTML Help system, plus What’s This? Help for component dialog boxes
  • Automatic detection and use of elements (images, form fields, text, etc) used earlier on page (new!)
  • Browse feature opens files in your open web in seconds, for quick selection
  • Screen representation of the component you create appears in Preview page
  • Components are easily accessible from the J-Bots toolbar, which may be positioned anywhere on page
  • Most Recently Used Components menu visible with just a right click (new!)
  • Bookmark feature makes bookmarks quicker and easier to set on your web pages
  • Setup file is more streamlined – 2MG smaller than previous versions; translates to faster download of software (new!)
  • Version Detector features automatic version/upgrade detection (new!)

All products are compatible with FrontPage 2003, 2002, 2000 unless indicated otherwise. If you have a version of J-Bots Plus 2002, or J-Bots 2002 and wish to use it in FrontPage 2003, you can  download an update from the site.

FrontPage Tips, FrontPage Forms and FrontPage Professionals

FrontPage Tips

I’ve not posted my FrontPage Tips Ezine since June, because of offline ‘stuff’. However I did this Thursday just gone. The latest tip is entitled Opening css files within FrontPage

FrontPage Professionals

If you are a designer and your being bombarded with Digital Bigotry you can always point people to FrontPage Not for Professionals?

Note: Chris mentions in the article  “The only two things that I really like the extensions for are so I can use the HTTP publishing through the FrontPage interface, FrontPage Includes (similar to “library files” in DW),”

I want to make it clear that FrontPage Includes can be used with FPSE and WITHOUT FPSE (FrontPage Server Extensions).

Chris likes FrontPage Includes because as he says,  “If you have an include page on your local machine you can just right click it and hit publish selected files and it’ll actually get re-written into all the pages that use it BY THE SERVER!”

I like FPSE because I can successfully publish with it most of the time, when I try using FTP either with FrontPage or a third party something ALWAYS goes wrong – must be gremlins. I don’t recommend using any of the FrontPage Bots though, FrontPage lets you work as hard as you want to work, me I can’t resist tweaking things and playing with stuff till I can ‘do it’ all it takes is time and practice. I am still using FrontPage Forms though, I’ve just not found time to use another method, and FrontPage Forms don’t hide your email address, which is a must if you want to protect your email address

P.S. Look out for a new Version of Content Seed coming soon.

Talking of FrontPage Forms and what to use instead :-

Huggins’ Email Form Script V1.0

Huggins’ Email Form Script

James S. Huggins Microsoft MVP – FrontPage has created a free PHP script to process Web Forms, specifically those forms which accept information and send an email with that information.

Achieving these email functions requires either that the Form Designer rely on a predefined script or, alternatively, use a scripting tool like PHP to construct his own script and/or pages.

FrontPage offers FrontPage Server Extensions to process these types of Web Forms. However, not all FrontPage developers use these extensions.

Some scripts which are available for this type of processing expose the email addresses to web spiders which harvest the email addresses for spam.

And, existing scripts may not provide the flexibility the Form Designer requires such as the ability to format the email or email multiple people.

Because of these limitations, James wrote Huggins’ Email Form Script and has released it for free under a Creative Commons license.

The Huggins’ Email Form Script was developed to:

  •  Be usable without knowing the underlying scripting language (PHP)
  •  Be usable without making modifications to the script
  •  Be usable with a minimal knowledge of how Web Forms work
  •  Be usable just by following the directions
  •  Hide all email addresses from spiders
  •  Allow two different emails to be sent to “static” addresses
  •  Allow an optional confirmation email
  •  Allow the Form Designer some control over the layout of all emails
  •  Allow each of the three emails to have a different format
  •  Allow the Form Designer to specify the destination URL to display after processing

Because the reference manual available for the script assumes that the user is familiar with the basics of Web Forms, James also wrote an instruction tutorial on the creation of basic Web Forms, particularly Email Forms such as those processed by Huggins’ Email FormScript.

The tutorial is available as an ebook in two ways.

1) It can be purchased for $10.00 from this page on his site: Creating HTML Email Forms

2) It is offered free to students in Cricket’s Tech Training Class as part of the support of the online class.

New Microsoft FrontPage Knowledge Base Articles

New Knowledge Base Articles

A scripting function does not work when you use FrontPage 2003 to insert a Web page into an existing Web page

Posted – 11/10/2005

You receive a “The folder ‘URL’ isn’t accessible” error message when you use FrontPage 2003 to open a subsite

Posted – 14/10/2005

You receive an error message when you use FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 to add roles to the Web site
FrontPage Server Extensions

Posted – 10/10/2005

Free Three Nested Table Layout Template with Cascading Style Sheet

Free Nested Table Template with CSS

Essential Designs

I was asked to make a CSS sheet for a nested table template, and I offered it for free to my FrontPage List Then I was asked for permission to link to the template. Since the graphics used were not mine I decided make the template a more permanent offering and the results can be seen at the Essential Designs link above. The Nested Table Template with a Cascading Style Sheet included is free to use for personal and business websites. Please read the user terms included.

Office 2003 Service Pack 2 – FrontPage Issues

Issues that are fixed in FrontPage 2003 by Office 2003 Service Pack 2

Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Office 2003 SP2 contains security enhancements, stability improvements, and performance improvements. Some of the fixes that are included with Office 2003 SP2 were previously released in Office 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or in separate updates. Office 2003 SP2 combines the previously released fixes into one update.

Issues that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base
Office 2003 SP2 also fixes the following FrontPage 2003 issues that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

  • Issues that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base  –  Office 2003 SP2 also fixes the following FrontPage 2003 issues that were not previously documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

  • The FrontPg.exe process continues to run after you quit FrontPage 2003 – You open FrontPage 2003 with an add-in that catches PageWindowEx events. When you quit FrontPage 2003, the FrontPg.exe process continues to run.

  • The Insert Table dialog box does not fit the 800 x 600 screen resolution – When you try to insert a table on a page in FrontPage 2003, the Insert Table dialog box does not fit on the screen. This issue occurs if the screen resolution is set to 800 x 600.

  • An interactive button can be dropped into a shared border – If you try to insert an interactive button when the insertion point is inside a shared border, the Interactive Button command is not available on the Insert menu. This behavior is expected. However, if you insert an interactive button on a Web page and then drag the button into a shared border, the button unexpectedly drops into the shared border.

  • The second row of a Data View does not contain any data – When you insert a Data View of a .xml file that contains rows of data, the second row of the Data View does not contain any data.

  • The underline for a hyperlink is not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer – You insert a hyperlink in a Web page in FrontPage 2003. Then, you click the Underline button to remove the underline for the hyperlink. When you view the Web page in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the underline for the hyperlink is not displayed as expected.

  • You cannot use the Positioning toolbar to adjust the width and the height of an image – When you try to use the Positioning toolbar to adjust the width and the height of an image, the width and the height are not changed.

  • You cannot press CTRL and then click an item to cancel the selection of an item in Folder List view – In the Folder List view of a FrontPage 2003 Web page, you press CTRL and then click to select multiple items. If you press CTRL and then click an item to cancel the selection of the last item that you selected, the selection of the item is not canceled. If you press DELETE, all pages that were selected are deleted.

  • A script unexpectedly runs on a page that contains a Data View when the Allow Rich HTML feature is disabled
    Consider the following scenario. You open a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Web site in FrontPage 2003. Additionally, you add a multiline text box to a list and then click to clear the Allow Rich HTML check box. If you add the list as a Data View in the SharePoint Services Web site and then add a script to the Data View, the script unexpectedly runs when you open the Web page in a Web browser.

  • Saving a Web page that has many Web components takes longer than expected – When you save a Web page that contains many Web components, the save operation takes longer to complete than expected.

  • An invalid WebPartZone ID is created when you insert a Web Part Zone in a Windows SharePoint Services Web site

  • The attributes of duplicate code tags are saved with the same attributes on an ASP page – When you save an ASP page that contains duplicate code tags that have similar attributes in FrontPage 2003, the duplicate code tags are saved with the same attributes.

  • You cannot select New Turkish Lira for a currency column in a Windows SharePoint Services site – When you use FrontPage 2003 to change the currency in a currency column that appears on a page in a Windows SharePoint Services site, the only choice for Turkish currency is Turkish Lira. New Turkish Lira is not available.

  • A Web page that has a custom SQL statement opens with errors in a Web browser – You create a Web page that contains a custom SQL statement in FrontPage 2003. When you open the Web page in a Web browser, the Web page opens with errors.

  • You receive a WCAG warning message when you check a Web site for accessibility errors in FrontPage 2003 – When you check a Web site for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Priority 1 and Priority 2 accessibility errors and warnings, you receive an error message that is similar to the following error message: Warning (WCAG 7.3) : Avoid moving content or allow users to control the movement.This problem may occur if a Web page contains a script that uses the <script runat=”server”></script> tags.

  • You receive an error message after you explicitly associate a form label with a form control – When you explicitly associate a form label with a form control in the HTML code of a Web page, you receive the following error message: Explicitly associate labels with form controls. Consider using <label> with the “for” attribute within your form.

  • FrontPage 2003 stops responding when you try to create a new WebDav Web site – You try to create a new WebDav Web site in Remote Web Site view in FrontPage 2003. When you click Yes to create the new Web site, FrontPage 2003 stops responding (hangs).

  • You cannot find the text in a table when you search the selected page in FrontPage 2003 – You select a page of a Web site in Folder view. Additionally, the page contains text in a table. When you look for the text in the table on the selected page, you cannot find the text.

  • You receive error messages when you check a Web site for accessibility if XML 6.0 is installed – When you check a Web site for accessibility, you receive the following error messages: Runtime Error! In unhandled win32 exception occurred in devenv.exe [2792]. Problem occurs if Microsoft XML 6.0 is installed on the computer. Note The accessibility check in FrontPage 2003 uses Microsoft XML 4.0 or Microsoft XML 5.0.

  • An accessibility check stops without errors on a page that contains a <!CDATA[]> tag – When you check the pages of a Web site for accessibility, the accessibility check stops without errors on a page that contains a <!CDATA[]> tag. Therefore, the page that contains the <!CDATA[]> tag and all the pages that follow are not checked for accessibility. When you use FrontPage 2003, you may receive an error message that is similar to the following:  Microsoft Office FrontPage has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. To see what data this error report contains, click here. When you view the data in the error report, the report contains an error signature.

Update your links – New domain for Microsoft MVP – FrontPage Tiffany K. Edmonds

Tiffany K. Edmonds. Microsoft MVP – FrontPage – New domain name

If you have links to Tiffany K. Edmonds Microsoft MVP – FrontPage old site you should know the domain was lost. Tiffany has now purchased so please update your hyperlinks to the domain  WITHOUT the dash please. This will help stablish Tiffany’s links in the search engines again, much faster.

FrontPage Addon – Space Replacer 2

Jimco Software Space Replacer 2 – Free FrontPage Addon

Space Replacer 2
Underscores and spaces in file names
Redirect old file names to new file names

Space Replacer 2  – Remove spaces or replace them with the character of your choice.

Space Replacer 2 makes it easy to remove spaces in folder and file names. You can also easily replace spaces with the character you choose. Space Replacer 2 will also update all links throughout a site automatically.

When making file names you may have named the files with a space, in which case FrontPage will automatically fill the space with 20% ie pink20%flower.htm. Or you may have used an underscore pink_flower.htm.

Why don’t I want to use underscores or spaces in file names?

Search engines see file names thusly

pink20%flower.htm  is seen as pinkflower.htm

pink_flower.htm is seen as pinkflower.htm

pink-flower.htm is seen as pink-flower.htm

The first two are seen as ONE keyword pinkflower, whilst the third version is seen as TWO keywords and PHRASE.

Naming your file names in this way is only a small part of the whole seo (search engine optimisation) methods you should employ but an important part and should be done as a matter of course. When making new file names this is not a problem, but what if you have an a site filled with such file names? This is where the Space Replacer 2 by Jimco Software comes in. Not only is it a FREE FrontPage Addin it does all the work in one go for you.

There are a couple of other things you should know about spaces in file names, they can cause some browsers to not display your page, also capitals in the file name are a problem when used on a unix server. Jimco also has a Free FrontPage Addon to cover this problem too, called Case Changer Some Web servers are case-sensitive. This add-in will change all upper-case characters in your files and folders to lower-case. It will also correct links to your pages.

How do I redirect old file names to new file names?

When you start changing file names, search engines are going to be looking for your old file names and you need to let them know you have moved the file. The proper way to do this is to use a 301 permanent redirect on the server. Otherwise you will lose search engine ranking.

For those that use Unix or Apache servers it’s a simple matter to implement. For those with Windows IIS (asp) servers you can use ASP (check your host provides this). Learn more about 301 Permanent redirects and I highly recommend you join this Search Engine Techniques Class to improve your SEO.

By using the above tools and server features, you will improve your standing in the search engines and lessen the chances of a file not being displayed.