If you have anything to suggest about the DSA Book then please read this…

Its been a while since I talked about the DSA book but to summarise its had over 20,000 (first, second) downloads which has largely provoked me into taking the whole thing a lot more seriously for the next edition which I expect will triple its content.

I don’t have any times at the moment because we are figuring out what we want to add to the book based on the current programming climate. So, if you have any suggestions then please let me know by emailing me via the contact page. Don’t hold back – what would be your dream book on data structures and algorithms look like? what would you expect it to cover? Does the language independent approach work for you?

Please let me know.



I’m sorry for the lack of posts…

Sorry folks for the lack of posts but ever since I’ve moved to Australia I seem to have had very little time to actually post something of any calibre.

At the moment I am actually working on some writing commitments I have so I will post about them when they appear online. In the meantime I’ve resurrected my Twitter account in a hope to micro-blog more in an effort to make up for my blog shortcomings as of late.

I can’t promise it will be pretty but you are more than welcome to follow my ramblings on Twitter.


A tool I just couldn’t dream of living without…

I always use more than one monitor whether I am at work or home. Personally I don’t feel that the support in Windows for more than one monitor is that bad, however I can’t ever see the day when I drop Ultramon and switch back to what Vista gives you. I have built a strong dependency upon this tool, its just awesome.

A few of the features I seem to frequently use are:

  • Transfer to other screen button (Ultramon decorates each new window with an additional few buttons, the other being stretch across all monitors)
  • The smart taskbar (stretches the taskbar across your screens, each taskbar only contains the applications relative to that window)

Definitely worth the $40 asking price. If you are using more than one monitor then you will love this, I was skeptical at first but now I’m a believer.

Shared Source CLI Google group launched

I’ve just created a Google group based on the SSCLI which you can view and join by going here – http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft-shared-source-cli

It supersedes now defunct SSCLI newsgroups from the Microsoft and Yahoo servers which have had all but no activity in the last 2 or so years. If you have any interest whatsoever in the SSCLI then I encourage you to join.