Console Blogger

So, I finally have a 0.1 version of a Console based blogger (right now, only through MetaweblogAPI, But, I have tried to make it a bit extensible). I figured this might be useful for blogging build results, or any such things where nmake can call it. I wrote it with VS.NET 2005. I can target VS.NET 2003 with the same code by removing certain references to Dictionary<> class.
I have it so that its separated out so that I have façade over the Blooger APIs. so, it does simplify some of the interfaces a bit.
Anyway, I will need to polish up the application itself and upload it somewhere. I used Charle Cook’s excellent XML-RPC.NET implementation. It is the best there is.
Does anybody else want this? Anybody else thinks it might be useful?

For some reason, this did not make it out the world. 🙁

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