The keynotes from Bill gates and by Jim allchin was big on a few things. There was a neat little video with Bill and the guy from Napolean Dynamite with Bill wearing “Vote for Steveo”!!!!

There was some cool (graffics heavy) demos from Chris (??) VP Information worker that showed off Office 12 and Windows Vista. It seems that Office 12 is trying to make Office more accessible to the end users without meandering through myriads of menu items. There have been some cool stuff with the Windows Vista codebase as well. They introduced the Windows Communication Foundation and Windows presentaion foundation again. There were some oohs and aahs.

The coolest part, of course, was when Don, Chris. Scott and Anders presented Linq (??) which seems to be for getting the query set operations to be first class citizens in C# 3.0? It even works with VS.NET 2005 …:) Together they presented a way to develop a

1. indigo service that utilizes Linq to connect local in-memory data with SQL data from SQL server 2005.

2. Implement a ASP.NET 2.0 application which uses cool Atlas libraries to do AJAX stuff. (works on safari!!)

3. Implement a Avalong UI as well.

All in all, neat s***. [edited] 

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