Atlas is an end-to-end application framework for writing DHTML applications using imperative or declarative programming. It integrates with ASP.NET tightly.

This is a talk that Nikhil Kothari is presenting. He is the guy who have written ASP.NET server controls book. I did not attend the basics one. I am not sure how this will work for me.

This is a presentation that includes information about building Atlas components and controls.

This was demonstrated with a photo gallery application.

You always include ScriptLibrary/Atlas/AtlasCore.js. There is a new type “text/xml-script”. binding allows you to bind any property of a given client control with any other control’s property.

This was a talk with a lot of code show-and-tell. I dont think it was very effective. I was hoping to get a better handle on things without actually looking at oodles and oodles of code. There was a bit of lag with the network which added to the woes. All in all, I think its lot more effective you download atlas from here and give it a try. Also, Nikhil has a development helper, on his blog, which has some really neat stuff built in to make debugging atlas client side somewhat bearable.

I am still playing with this stuff. I might post something when I have something to show.

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