Whats wrong with the Ruth info?

So my buddy Mike (a baseball nut), IMed me a link and said “What is wrong with the Ruth paragraphs?”  So I looked at them:

Ruth’s plans for a holdout helped engineer his trade to the Yankees. But he probably could have lived with what Ramirez makes: He is due $64.2 million from his $160 million, eight-year contract. That includes $19 million in 2006, $18 million in 2007 and $20 million in 2008. The deal also includes team options for two additional seasons at $20 million annually.

He wasnt traded HE WAS SOLD!!!  These guys are supposed to be sports righter, and one of the worst mistakes in baseball history, they get WRONG!  This is the negatives of internet.  Some little boy will think that Ruth was actually traded when he was sold.  Idiots of the internet.


This made me chuckle.

Being an MVP, you have contacts.  I believe one of them is Major Nelson.  Now given, he has his blog set up in June of 2004.  So it is over a year old.  Now this new dude “Major Ynos” (caugh*SONY*caugh), has set up his blog post E3 (IE May 2005).  Now I was reading how it is MS’s “mistake” to add HD-DVD at a later date.  Please note the comment Ynos made:

DR — I’ve only deleted posts that contain vulgarities and over-the-top insults toward me or my readers. I do not, repeat, no not masquerade as other posters. I post as, “Mark Creig” all the time. You can verify it is me through the TypeKey account.

This site is objective. Today’s piece for instance objectively looks at Microsoft’s mistake in including a HD-DVD after the fact. I don’t see how it can be any more objective.

This site is not set up to mock Major Nelson. If anything his site attempts to mock us! I do not visit his site or remark on it, other than referencing his over-the-top falsified charts comparing the Xbox 360 to the Playstation 3.

Maybe I should tell Mark that he is copying Major, as Major was set up first.

Why do game devs always stink?

I am watching real time video that you can find at Teamxbox.com, bundled with an interview with lead designer of Gears of War. Now watching the video and the REAL TIME gameplay, I was thinking…this guy cant shoot.  You see it in the PGR3 demo.  Where are they shooting at, in the loss of quality due to compression does the end viewer not see something that this guy (or girl) is shooting at?  I dont think so, you just se him spreying bullets like his life depended on it.

Man, they need people like me (hehe) to go and play these games, so when they do interviews or keynotes or game showcases, they can have someone atleast descent playing and making the game look even better.


I dont know how companies let them happen. Ok, verbal leaks are impossibly to prevent…you just dont know who will squeel. But ones with pictures are worse. How can you let someone, take a picture of stuff you dont want people to see? Make them dump their cameras and/or cell phones in a big or a locker and then do a presentation.

“Gerlach Mix”

Note: This is probably the audio that you are hearing. 🙂

I should probably tell you more about this. While in digital design, I created this on Soundtrack. It is a really cool program from Apple (only for Apple…that is the bummer). They give you a library of non-copyright sounds and you create you own mix/song/audio file. It was cool, but you have to go in with an idea of what you want to do.