Gave saved from drowning.

She was saved when a bunch of underwater cameras caught her sinking. I guess the camera-watcher than alerted the lifeguard.

I am a big fan of this system. I use to swim for Long Island Aquatic Club (LIAC), and recently at the Nassau County Aquatic Center. There was 1 point where a girl on my teach (that my sister actually coached) almost drowned. My sister couldn’t see her as they were doing underwater stuff. Lukily an older kid saw her on the bottom went over and got her. Needless to say the lifeguards did NOTHING. The pool is large, I understand, but the lifeguard was 30 feet away. I really think Nassau needs this system.


Wait…what is this?

I know alot of Playstation related news. I figured I gave them credit in my last post , and now I have to take that credit back.

So, rumor has it, on from NVidia that the 7800 and 7800GT are MORE POWERFUL than the RSX GPU that is in the PS3.

I am making a tally now:

Xbox360 |

PS3 |

I am an idiot, I didnt Linkage has a VERY funny pic up, that acts as the icon to the story. Shows below.

Things I hate

1) People trying to tell me to drink.

a)”Ok, once a month”…uhhh…NO.
b) “You are telling me you arent going to drink, you have 4 years”. Did I studder much? I DONT DRINK.

c) Another drinking or why arent you drinking reference…yea, you get the point.
2) People who should tell me what to do that do.

I am here at college to learn to live by myself, learn my profession and swim for money. Unless you are my coach, one of my teachers, or administration, I do NOT need to listen to you. I dont care if you are a sr. on my team. I looked at them, when another swimmer got atleast $25,000 for the year. “Yo, look how much money he’s getting”. Little do they know I am getting $27,200 (or whatever tuituion is) for swimming ALONE. That doesnt count the $8,000 grant I get as well. Yea, dont tell me what to do. I get more $$ than you.

Blogging invades the classroom

So, I started today off in IST 195. The teacher is pretty cool. I also think he MAY be a Microsoft MVP. He said he is going to Seattle “in a couple of weeks”, which will be the MVP summit…I think.

So, today we go over the basic rules, and agenda of the class. We get to one of the last things. You have your basic test, quiz classwork. But we have projects! Yes, projects. One would be afraid, until you find out what they are:

1) Teach someone about IT.

2) Something about a non-violent game review (details to come later)

3) Become a blogger. Well, heck, if you are reading this, I think you already know I have 1/3 done. I know Scoble would love to hear this…blogging entering the classroom. Scoble, hopefully you see this via your pubsub feed. Ill add Scoble some more so it appears, Scoble, Scoble.

More later, I am hungry.

MotoGP of Czech Republic

So this weekend the race is at Brno. FINALLY, this 4 week break has been killing me. So anyways, I am sitting here and watching the “Live Timing”. Now there were a couple of things I have seen:

1) Rossi went from 11th to 1st at one point. I am not sure if he finally pushed his bike, or if the system updated. He was at 4/11 laps, then 12/12. Still amazing.

2) My knowledge of strategy has expanded in the 2-3+ years that I have been reading/watching/listening. So, You see rossi going 1:58s, then all of a sudden a 3:01? I know now, that he went into the pits. To put on that race slick…those qualifying tires that really only last 3-4 laps, but give you such grip that you FLY around the track. He is on the prowl now. He is going for the pole. I just hope he gets it.

It appears it did not work. Rossi appears to be relegated to the 2nd row (4th position) after qualifying. THERE IS A DUCATI IN THE 1ST ROW!! Capriossi really is having a good weekend with Ducati.

Michael Schumacher

He is probably one of the best, if not the, to every drive an F1 car. But there is 1 thing that I really liked and was amazed about:

Arguably the most famous sportsman in the world, he is also among the highest earners (reportedly as much as $100 million a year). Rich beyond his wildest dreams, he is generously uses his fortune to help those less fortunate. He supports charities, especially those for underprivileged children, and to help victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster he made a personal donation of $10 million.

Schumakers Profile in the F1 Hall of Fame