My mom always said…

life is like a box of chocolate.  That if something moves and shouldnt…duct tape it.  If it doesnt move and should use DW-40.

Now…duct tape is godly.  It can fix almost anything…it can bandage things up. hehe.  (hows that for a segway).

Ok ok…so anyways, it appears GM has come out with a duct tape bandage for people.  Odd…but duct tape solves everything.

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My [former] home network

I am a beginner in IT. I am an IT major, and I have a VERY small network. Most people who have blogs hosted on have pretty large networks. They are professional IT people.

So I am talking to my brother on why he keeps getting kicked, and he tells me that when my oldest sister, Erica, blows a fuse upstairs he gets kicked off. And then it hits me. The gateway (I dont know why I set it like this), is hooked up to the wireless AP that is in my sisters room. It only acts as a swtich/Wireless AP, because my MN-100 router does all the routing and such, and that is located downstairs.

So, for me, I understand it all. I lost my brother at…”it is connected to…”

He replied to me with this: “changing happens when u come home and only when u come home”.

My Barry Bonds Rant

So…somehow it all relates to steroids…with Barry Bonds. Who knew?

So, he came back and hit 3 homers in 3 games. Big deal right? What about that Cleveland rookie thats hit like 6 in 5 games, and is leading his team to an AL Central title or Wild Card. Wait…he didnt decide during spring training (and not the off season) to have surgery on his knee.

Now Barry Bonds is all uptight about congress and this steroid issue. He said something along the lines of “we have more important things out there. This is the United States and there are people that need help”..yada yada. A couple of things on that. 1) What else do you want Congress to do? They will appropriate money as necessary, that didnt take too long. There are agencies part of the US government, not congress, that go and handle important things like this. Congress is here to make the country safer and to regulate via laws. SO, to be on the steroid issue is nothing that bad. But, the only person I have REAALYYYYY heard any negative comments about congress and steroids (within the pass could of weeks) was Bonds. What Barry…are you scared or something? Oh, and Barry what have you contributed to the Katrina Relief cause? I havent heard anything about you and donating.

Personally, I think all of his stats should be taken with caution. He has indirectly admitted that he has taken them. He has not said specifically that he has taken the “clear” and [whatever the other one was]…but he said “Oh, I thought it was flakseed oil”..yea barry, and a kid that committed suicide didnt know the gun was loaded.

Barry Bonds is full of BS. He is a pretty good ball player, but, regardless DOWN WITH THE RECORDS FOR BARRY. TAKE AWAY HIS STATS.