The new Forums HAVE launched!

The Official Forums have launched.

With the launch of the new forums, the .Net portions of have also launched. Yes, that means that the “My Xbox” features HAVE launched. They will NOT be available until the Xbox360 releases.

Below, you will see the new Gamer cards that are available for you to put ANYWHERE you want. Yes, that even includes the active desktop of windows. I am not going to wait for a “widget” for OSX Tiger, and a “gadget” for Windows Vista.

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Astros’ Roster has no Black Players.

Now, first let me say I am NOT prejudice in any way. What I might say may come off as that, but are not.

So, I read this story on Yahoo titled “Astros Roster Has No Black Players. And most of the article is what it seems. It is about how the Astros are 1 of 3 teams in Major League Baseball without a black player on the roster. What does it matter?

What does race matter? Do you NEED a black player on your roster? No, you need the best players you can find. I don’t see what the problem of not having a black player on a roster is.

Look at the NHL. How many black players have you seen on the ice. I know there are more, but I think I have seem maybe 3. The current goalie of the New York Rangers, I know the Flyers had a black player on their roster within the last 5 to 6 years. Oh, but thats not a problem right? If it isnt, then it shouldnt be in the MLB.

I loved this quote from Joe Morgan: “Of course I noticed it. How could you not?”. How could I not? I dont look at a player being black. If I look at stats, they are all the same to me. I could CARE LESS what nationality a player is. If he is good, he is good. If you want to say that Joe, what about the NBA. What about starters? There are less and less white people starting. Is this a crisis? NO, there just arent as good of players. Its something you learn to live with…some people may just not be the best.