Do blogs work?

It depends what you look at them for.

Getting news out in an orderly fashion? Yes.

What about getting the search/google rank to go up for your company? Yes, Scoble says that is one of the reasons corporations/companies/businesses should have blogs. Scoble details why corporations should blog.. From what I read…it isnt always the big picture at first. The longterm goal is that, but to start, you focus on a small concentrated group, that gets your name/blog out there. (Maybe thats why I am creating this post?)

Blog ads. Do they work? Audi spent money on blog adds, and it added 29% more traffic to its site. Jeff Jarvis said “That says blogs works. Henry says the blog ads cost as much as a banner on Yahoo. That says blogs are criminally underpriced.”.

Oh and Scoble…I understand Windows and Office are big at MS…but dont forget about the Xbox360 team, and what they are bringing out in November. I may for once have more info than you. I dont mean to sound…conceeded, but this is 1 big thing that will go down in history. THIS product WILL NOT disappoint.

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