The Wall Street Journal is 0 for 2 with the Xbox360.

First of all, my buddy Mike (aka, Bobakett/Surly Duff) made notice of these.

1) WSJ certain things that the core console can not do, but never stated they COULD do them, with the installation of additional software or the purchase of an Xbox360 accessory. Mike takes notice of that here, and actually has the email he wrong to the journalist that reported that story.

2) In conversation, Mike stated that the WSJ said that stores have reported that they are not receiving shipments until next year. Well, that is false. Robbie Back has stated that on a weekly basis, Microsoft will be shipping out new consoles.

Read his blog, and make his value go up

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How safe is the 360?

Engadget ran a story, about just how safe is the Xbox360? From the looks of it, they think it is VERy safe. I guess what J Allard said was right, it WILL be hard to modify

Read it at

(just to let you know, I do NOT endorse any modification to the Xbox360 or any of its peripherals. If anything is modified for visual or performance purposes Microsoft will not perform support in it).

Someone got it right.


Pretty much, Ynos is fake, but doesnt work for MS.

He talks about how people defend Microsoft there. I do, and I wont say what my name is on that site…lets just keep it secret. But Dvorak, I dont beleive, knows how the “popularity” (or hatred) of his site came about. He commented on Major Nelson’s blog, saying he is fake and this and that. So, when you go to an Xbox blog, and call out the blogger as fake…what do you expect to happen?

Xbox360 powercord.

Ok, so you probably know it is fairly large. There are reasons for it. John Porcaro has the reason for the increase in the size of the powercord.

Also, another MVP, Mike/Bobafett/Surly Duff has a comparison shot of the Mac Mini powercord, and the Xbox360 powercord.

Thanks Mike!

Ok, just thought of this. Now…this is not an actual power-cord. It is actually a power supply. So, think of that large box in your PC, and put that in the casing. That is what you have.