Blog Piracy Running Rampant.

I have been reading some feeds (Om Malik, Jeff Jarvis, and Steve Rubel), and it seems that blog piracy is running rampant.

Teachers preach to you that piracy is illegal, and if found, you would
fail.  Yet, there are many websites that are ripping their
content, IN FULL.  Not only are they doing that, but, they then
put ads like Google Adsense (and such) there and MAKE MONEY off OTHERS

Steve’s response was to restrict his RSS
to little captions (or that is what he thinks he will do.).  That
will work, by making it harder.  That is a good step in the right
direction.  Steve, I hope it gets solved soon.

Om’s response was that Google needs to get involved
If they are using Google’s Adsense technology, Google knows who the
money is going to.  Know who the money going to, and then you can
trace it to the individual.  I am with Om, that Google needs to
get involved.  Oh, and Jeff Feels the same.

Makes me wonder…is anyone stealing the small amount of content from me?

I love Jarvis’s view.

Perfect, simply perfect.

The so-called and self-appointed American Family Association, Donald Wildmon’s religious freak show, is trying to kill NBC’s Book of Daniel
because they think it might offend them. Well, I don’t give a damn if
it offends them. Change the channel. Go watch the 700 Club, which
offends me, though I’m not trying to keep you from watching it.

I just wrote a paper, that (very basic) encorporates the same
view.  I talked about cencorship, and encorporated how people look
to censor things because it might “offend them”.  I wish this post
happened earlier, as I would probably have used it. 

Great Job Jeff!

Via Jeff Jarvis –

Tried to set some people straight, but cant.

I am sitting right now, in JFK in the Jet Blue Terminal (currently, if
looking at Gate 6) to its right.  I am on their free wifi. 
Now while this is cool, for killing the 90 minutes I have to sit here
(another story), I can not connect to 1 portion of .Net. will connect.

I tried signing into Live Messenger (Beta), and it didnt go.  So,
I thought…eh, its a beta ok.  Tried to go to , nothing again.  It loads the page where
I sign in, and I press signin, and INSTANTLY tells me it cant work.

So, my “tried to set people straight”, regards the
forums.  As anyone can tell when you go to the forums, you signin
with a .Net passport.  Well…I cant connect.  It could have
been a good use of time, cleaning out those forums.

More later.


Sorry for the lack of the posts lately.  The 360 news is
slow.  The news should pick up soon,as we reach the launch of some
amazing games like MotoGP URT2006, Gears of War, and Ghost Recon:
Advanced War Fighter.

That, and I am home for a week (finally), so I had to spend time with
family and friends.  I will be back in full swing around January
26th., doing it the right way. is doing an amazing job, keeping people coming back to their
site.  They are constantly updating the site with season and reace
recaps, personal bio’s and other MotoGP news.  Personally, I LOVE
this idea.  Not only do I need my fixing, but they are constantly
updating, so people will return and check often.

Now….for an RSS feed.

What annoys me about being an MVP

It isnt the fact that I am an Xbox MVP, that I hate.  NOOOOO
Way.  The product is so cool, the team that I moderator with (most
are also MVPs) are amazing, my MVP lead is the freakin BEST YOU CAN
GET, and the Xbox Product team is probably the best team you can work
with at Microsoft.  Down to earth people, who are funny, but when
the time comes, they are helpful and do their job (provide us with info

What I hate, is the LACK of respect the the Xbox MVPs get.  I am
part of the beta for a program (Great job team!, but, I am not sure I
can say just yet…I think I can, but wont take a chance), and I am in
the beta newsgroup.  The discussion game up for Xbox360 gamercard
support in the program.  Seeing that, I was all for it.  I
posted saying it would be a great feature (especially to add on top of
the contact card).  I stated “Some of the other Xbox MVPs, and
myself….”.  So, someone replies with “You are an Xbox MVP, must
have been hard to get :P)  Yea, it was.  The amount of
knowledge and time I put in helping the community, got me the
recognition.  I didnt do it for the award, the award was just the

I dont even know if this dude is an MVP.  He is testing some software, but doesnt mention he is an MVP.

Oh and also forgot, when the MVP summit rolled around, the BIG thing
was the Xbox360, and many many many MVPs (not with the division) wanted
to get in.  They want all the benefits, but some just think it is
a JOKE to be an XBox MVP.  ugh