I may be getting a new theme.

Ive talked to some people, and I may be getting a new theme for this blog.  It will be more Xbox360 oriented.  I have to first see if I can get it, then I have to talk to Susan, and possibly photoshop some of the images to make them more Gerlach-centric.


Heres to it going through!

Did you delete/lost your Hexic? Heres how to get it back!

Ok, so on the forums we have found that some users have either deleted their Hexic HD game (free on the HDD), or have reformatted the HDD.  Well, Microsoft has come up with a solution.  You may say “why did it take so long”, but theres a bunch of stuff that had to happen and be passed before it could happen.

Ok, so call support at 1800-4MY-XBOX, and tell support the situation.  Tell them you would like to recover Hexic HD.  They will ask you for information.  They will then give you a call back, with a code to download Hexic HD.



Its not neccessarily the games that make online gaming better…

Its the fact that you can game with good people.  I have been an Xbox Live subscriber since March 9th 2002 (Coming up on my….4th renewal).  Wow, that seems so much longer.


What has made me stay?  The community!  You meet good people to play games with.  No screamers, no cheaters…just gaming, and fun at that.


So, my word of advice?  Find a good community to play with, and stay with them.

Do You Stream HD Content to your Xbox360, over wireless?

Kevin Tofel, of HDbeat.com, ran a story around the time of the Xbox360 launch in which he was experimenting on how to stream HD content to his Xbox360.  So, he has succeeded at about a 95% reliability with the 802.11a connection (802.11g didnt fair too well).

So, this time around Kevin has produced a great follow up to the story.  Give it a read, its good.

Streaming Wireless HD Content to the Xbox360.

We have a smart community!

Now, Joystiq compared the sound of the Xbox360 to an old fridge.  Yes, you do hear sound and many people think it is due to the fans inside…but, discussing this with others, we’ve come to the conclusion that is it NOT the fans, but it is a DVD spinning in the drive.

Well, a smart community user brought this to the attention of the community.

I believe this theory.  I do not have any data to confirm/deny this, as this is my thought, and not based on any information given privately.