Atleast I am not the only one.

Om Malik said “Apple New What?”

Was it that much of a surprise?  MAYBE (let me stress that Maybe), the Hi-Fi stereo was one…but that is something that has somewhat been out before.  The new Intel based Mac Mini…everyone expected that.  I don’t really know if I would call this “fun” stuff, or not give any details except for a time/date and place for this conference.

Heres to another bleh.  Yea, bleh.

Vista problem #3: Messenger Client?

So…many people (MVPs) probably use MSN/Live Messenger…and it is a great app.  But, with the revolution AOL did to the internet in the mid to late 1990s has made ALOT of people AIM users.  MSN tends to be used by alot of people born outside the United State.  But inside the states,  a good 95% of the people I talk to via an instant messenger client uses AIM.

Now, the problem lies here.  AIM ver. 3.9 (whatever the new, non beta is) will have compatibility issues (vista prompts you during installation).  AIM Tritan (their beta AIM software) also has compatibility issues.  Now the big thing here is AIM Express (synonymous with Web Messenger) cant launch for some reason.  Maybe its me…but, I think it may be Vista.


Now, I dont have anything against vista because of this, because…software developers have to start changing over to vista, it is just annoying to not have an instant messege client to use.  I dont know if I will use Vista to its full use until I can get a messenger client (that runs aim) to work.

Heres to trying Trillian.

My first day with Vista.

Well, yesterday I finally got vista installed, and today I finally really booted it (actually played around with it). Well…I already have a problem. For some reason, I do not have the aero theme. I have the x600 graphics card from ATI (which says it is supported in vista). In previous builds, I have had Aero, but do not have it now.

Things I dont like:

1) The new “properties”…well that is what is was on all previous versions of Windows and of Vista builds. You right click on the desktop and go to “Properties” to change things around. I dont like that new interface.

2) How do I put cleartype on? Is it still available? Can I download the Aero theme? Heres to searching…

<edited to fix formatting, for some reason IE 7 on Vista doesnt want to format correctly>

Google releases Google Page Creator.

I know I am late to the party…fashionably late that is.  But, I was reading over some Tech.Memorandum links, and alot of them are on this Google Page Creator (GPC).  I was about to create one and said “what do I need it for?”.  I have this blog (which I love), I have my MSN Spaces blog (lets say Glach 1.0), and I have the forums to get messages out (although they have to be Xbox related).  So what is the point to that website?  There isnt.

But upon reading a post by Ken Schafer, I realized…good thing I didnt.  He talks about how, while a good concept and has good features, it has 1 massive downfall.  Your Gmail account is your [username] address.  So, if anyone wants to email you, or spam you for that matter, it is VERY easy to get your email address.

Google…we may want to rethink how we do that.