Im still here.

Hey Everyone,

I am still around.  Just decided to take a little break from everything.  Should be getting into the swing of things again.  I do have like 150+ emails/PMs to handle, with a bunch of people needing to be added to the 100% achievement clubs I run at the forums.


PS3 to lack….HDMI port?

Alrighty, so we all know.  Sony has a 2 SKU offering, with a $499 (20GB) version and a $599 (60GB) version…but are there more differences between the two?  HDbeat thinks so:

So…what does this mean?  Does this dual HDMI port PS3 only have one?  Or, is that supposed to be an Extra…but, wouldn’t that still take away one?  The Xbox360 has 2 SKUs.  There are 2 differences.  The Core comes with SD cables, and no HDD.  But you can buy the HD cables, and you can buy the HDD.  For what will total ~430.  So…you are getting an Xbox360, which I think will be right there with Sony (don’t count that CGI), for $70 cheaper.  Go figure.

E3 Marketplace Content Up!

Just a recap I got from Major’s blog:

  1. Adidas Gamerpics (Free, all Regions)

  2. Test Drive Unlimited Demo

  3. A bunch of trailers

  4. ‘X-3’ gamer pictures

To reduce the load at, I took the images and placed them in this post.

Marketplace Content Timeline has a content timeline for the week of E3.  Now, it does not include the not announced material that you see in this list.

Personally, when I get home from school, I am going download crazy (got some good broadband at home).  I am in love with the way that Microsoft has decided to use the marketplace.  Forget about reading trailer reviews, or getting low quality video.  I am getting HD videos that I can play on my HD TV at home.  Rock on Microsoft!

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