I just had a laptop scare.

I went to shutdown Vista, and it started…but froze.  So, I left it thinking…ok a program is holding it up.  There was nothing on the screen but the background.

Well, when I woke up, it was still there.  Now at the point where I need to shutdown, I just held my power button.  Boy, who would have thought that would cause trouble.

Apparently the boot manager became corrupted or something.  My buddy, and fellow Xbox MVP, told me that I should try Vista first.  He mentioned how there were recovery options.  He said if that didnt work, then try XP:MCE, and I would have to install Vista gain anyway…so I gave vista a shot.

It worked!  I was really scared, almost lost everything.

Want to take part in a Battle for Middle Earth 2 Tournament?

Over at the Xbox.com forums, I posed the question to my community.  “Do you want to do a tourney?”.

With the overwhelming response from many, the answer is yes.

Here are the basic details (few basic details):

  • There will be a tourney

  • I kinda want to keep it to forums.xbox.com people.  That is where I will most likely set it up.  So if you are not really a member of the community yet…what are you waiting for?!?

  • I am leaning more towards a free for all tournament.  But will see whats up.  The initial rounds will be 1v1v1v1.  Then the later rounds will probably be 1v1.

  • There is no prize slated for this tourney.  It is really about bringing the community together.

  • I will decide more details about levels, starting money, and everything else once the game has released.  I have a general idea, based on what we did at the community summit, but just want to play around a little more.

  • Depending on the release date, the tourney would be about a month after the release of the game.  Depending on when that occurs, depends when the tourney will go on.

    • Ill be leaving for Syracuse University, for my sophmore year, in late August.  If the game was to release at the end of July, then the tourney may be pushed to the first week of September.

I have a little poll going on here, so vote like you want.  Please post in that thread if you have voted.  Thanks, and hopefully this can be a great tourney that brings the community together.

A little BFME2 Community Summit Recap

Just a little recap.  My full coverage will release more towards the release of the game.  Not exactly sure when at this moment.

We had about a 3-4 hr game session with just Multiplayer alone (about an hour to 90 mins with single player).  Well, it was a blast.

Godfree (Gamertagradio.com, and fellow MVP) and I had about a 45 minute match, in which we each other’s equals.  He would try to attack me, and I would have enough to fend him off, and vice versa.  It wasnt until about 30 minutes later that I used my secret weapon, which shall remain secret.  Someone had to lose, and unfortunetly, it was godfree.

I came out victorious!  (Here is my frightening victorious pose)

Thanks to Amritz Lay (EA)  for the images.

Want to help?

A fellow MVP, Augastin (Mexican Xbox MVP) is trying to do something really cool for a local hospital.  He is seeking donations to help.  Anything can help.  If you want to give $2., then please, by all means, give $2.  Anything donated will be greatly appreciated.  Here is the message AC sent me:


Hey, do you want to make a difference in the world?

Help us to help.


I want to give away a full game system (console, controllers and TV)  to one Hospital in Mexico (attends people with no recourses or money).


The main goal is try to benefit the Cancer treatment area, so the kids can have some time of fun, and maybe a benefit of recovery, since some articles on websites say’s that kids who play videogames in her recovery or treatment had a better response to the disease.

I have a paypal account habilited, you can find the button right here:

If any of you can help with 1 or 2 bucks will be really welcome.

Thanks for read this the donation will be made in name of all the video gamers, proving that we can share our passion with people that can’t afford it




Gamertag Radio coverage of EA’s Community Summit!

My name is Godfree from Gamertag Radio. Me & other community members were invited to Microsoft Studios for a EA Community event. We were the first gamers in the world that got the chance to play Lord Of The Ring Battle Of Middle 2 for the Xbox 360 2 weeks ago with the EA staff members. It was a whole day event and this was cool for them to invite us and got the chance to get our feedback about the game. What I’m sending you is exclusive audios from the event with the help of Chris from Dreamstation.cc in here you will get to hear our roundtable discussion audio, Peter Moore Q&A with the 8 invited guests about the game, whats next for the Xbox 360 and much more. Also the godfather of RTS games joins us during the event to give us a brief history of RTS, why EA decided to make BFME2 for the Xbox 360 & whats the difference between the Xbox 360 & the PC version. Please check these audios out and give us your feedback.


If you can subscribe to our podcast:


Episode #54 – Roundtable Discussion Coola (Xbox365) & Chris (Dreamstation.cc)


Audio Download Link: Episode #54 – Roundtable Discussion feat Chris & Coola

Tonight we have 3 new episodes from the EA Community event that took place at Microsoft Studios in Redmond, WA. EA decided to invite 8 community members to be the first people in the world to get the chance to play Lord Of The Rings Battle Of Middle Earth 2 on the Xbox 360. In this audio I had the chance to speak with some of the members Coola from Xbox365.com & Chris Paladino from Dreamstation.

We gave our feedback about the EA community event, Xbox 360 dashboard Spring 06 update, and more.

Check these sites for the Lord Of The Rings Battle Of Middle Earth 2 updates and show them support!

www.xbox365.com (Coola)
http://forums.xbox.com/ (Gerlach Xbox MVP)
www.gamingsteve.com (Stephen Glicker)
www.dreamstation.cc (Chris Paladino)
www.strategyinformer.com (Jason Ferguson)
www.gamereplays.org/bfme2 (Nate “Arctic Aurora” Kramer)
www.bfme2.heavengames.com (Karen “Kester” Straube) 



Episode #55 – Peter Moore Q&A @ Microsoft Studios


Audio Download Link: Episode #55 – Peter Moore Q&A at Microsoft Studios

Day 1 of the EA Community event at Microsoft studios. The first thing we started it off with a question & answer with Peter Moore the head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division.

What Peter had to say about the mystery of J Allard out from the spotlight? When Street Fighter 2 will finally come out for the Xbox Live Arcade? Xbox 360 in Japan and much more. Enjoy this 30 min audio and post your feedback at the forums.

Thanks to Chris Paladino from Dreamstation.cc for the audio equipment.



Episode #56 – Louis Castle “The History Of RTS Games”



Audio Download Link: Episode #56 – Louis Castle “The History Of RTS Games”

Louis Castle The creator of the popular Command & Conquer real-time strategy video games joins us right after the Q&A session with Peter Moore. He gave us the history of real-time strategy games and why they decided to make Lord Of the Rings Battle Of Middle Earth 2 for the Xbox 360.

To learn more about Louis Castle head over to Executive biography at EALA.

Finally: I can talk about Battle for Middle Earth 2!!

Up a little late here, but just wanted to show you a post I have at the Xbox.com forums.

I went to an EA Community Summit, hosted at Microsoft’s Game studios.  I really would like to thank Aaron, Raj, Amritz, Louis Castle, Tony Hynes, Peter Moore, Cesar and anyone else that took part in getting this all done.  Aaron did an amazing job getting 8 of us there within a 2 weeks notice.

Man, does it finally feel good to talk about this.  I have talked with XUG’s Rhyze to be able to host my little mini-game review, as well as my recap of the community summit and some questions that I am going to ask Louis Castle (if you have any, contact me).

Here is the questions I took from the Xbox.com community and got answered at the summit.