Xbox Live Wednesday rolls on with Cloning Clyde

Today at 12:01pst, Cloning Clyde was released:

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays continue with the launch of ‘Cloning Clyde’ the wacky action adventure / puzzle game.  Created by Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee, developer of the popular ‘Outpost Kaloki X’ for Xbox Live Arcade, Cloning Clyde puts the ‘z’ in zany in this classic-animation style world.


GAME FOCUS:  Clyde is a cloning experiment gone awry, and now it’s up to you to help him escape from Dupliclone, Inc.’s building filled with mazes, hazards and platforms.  Play as Clyde or one of his many mutant clones – a chicken, a monkey, a sheep, even a frog – as you fight, fly and bomb your way to freedom.


GAME FEATURES:  With local and online multiplayer via Xbox Live, co-op mode, vs. mode, achievements and an assortment of wacky characters, ‘Cloning Clyde’ provides hours of fun in a visually stunning cartoon world filled with hilarious action and crazy adventure.


‘Cloning Clyde’ boasts:

  • Create your own Clyde clones!  Play as Clyde or other wacky mutant characters

  • 4 person online multiplayer play through Xbox Live

  • Toggle between the different Clyde-clones to attack security systems, escape through   ventilation shafts, collect Killer Kenn action figures, and solve challenging puzzles.

  • Combine your DNA with other critters’ to gain special attack powers

  • More than 45 unique single player and co-op levels for hours and hours of fun

  • High definition graphics

  • Exciting and addictive puzzles, mazes and platform-based action

  • Enjoy Leaderboards, Achievements, gamer pictures, and other Xbox Live exclusive features

  • Play ALL of the levels in the game in multiplayer mode – either local split-screen or online!

  • 6 additional Vs. Mode levels where players can duke it out  

  • Wacky Clyde antics and hilarious messages from other Clyde clones

  • Custom soundtrack



WHEN CAN I GET IT:  Download ‘Cloning Clyde’ tomorrow, Wednesday, July 19, at 1am PST on Xbox Live Arcade.  Are you ready to get cloned?!


Cloning Clyde (Wahoo Studios/NinjaBee):  800 Microsoft Points


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We have the Mystery Gamer, now we have the Mystery MVP.

One of our MVPs, Greg (GT: Goverland) has come up with a great idea to have fun with the community.

The “Mystery MVP”.  Everyone once in a while (not sure about the schedule yet) the MysteryMVP gamer will play a game.  We have about 40 MVPs, so there are many people that can play.  It is sure to be alot of fun, and definetly something cool for the community.

You can check its blog out at

Have you viewed your Gamerscore Chart recently?

What is a Gamerscore Chart?  It is a visual, graphical representation of your progress in regards to your gamerscore.  If you have visited, you will have noticed gamerscore charts.  I really am liking it, and hopefully can get it working on the side of my blog for all to see.  Here is my progress right now (don’t laugh at the lack of gamerscore points [:P]):

Generate your own Gamerscore Chart at!