How to protect yourself on XBL by Bastelyon

Tony Hynes, aka Bastelyon, of the has a little piece on how to protect yourself from people online.  To be truthful, this really evolves around the Xbox Live Vision Camera.  It is a great new peripheral/accessory for the Xbox360 and can be very cool.  You can do video chat with friends and family back home (I plan on doing it), as well as a new “controller” for games (read:  Totemball), and for facial mapping to a character (ex.  World Series Poker by Activision and Rainbow Six: Vegas).

There are ALOT of positives and new cool features that are coming out of the Xbox Live Vision camera.  But, especially if you have little kids playing, you need to make sure that they, and yourself, are safe from any unneccessary and innappropriate occurances.  Yes, I mean people flashing body parts to others.

Here is Tony’s guide to keeping yourself and others safe from these incidents:


1. Block Communications – If you run into someone in online play that does something that you don’t like, you can quickly mute all communications, and you will no longer hear, or see anyone. 
For example in UNO, click Start > Help & Options > Camera Settings > (Y) Disable Camera. 

2. Set Communications to Friends Only – Within the privacy settings, you can change your preference to only communicate online with people on your Friends List. This means that only your friends voice and video will come through to you.
From the Dashboard, click your Gamer Profile > Edit Gamer Profile > Privacy Settings > Communications > Friends Only.  You can also block all communications in the same menu.

3. File a Complaint – If you encounter someone that breaks the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, be sure to use the File Complaint system.  All complaints are reviewed by Xbox Live (however, Xbox Live policy does not disclose the status or results of individual complaints).  Trust me it works. 
From a person’s Gamer Profile: File Complaint > Complaint type > File Complaint. 

You can read more of Tony’s post here.  He provides visuals to show you how to do everything.

As you may have noted, I have highlighted “File a Complaint”.  The first 2 steps, while good steps have two negative effects.  You lose some features, and those who violate the Terms of Use,  “get away.  So, what I ask, is that everyone report these people right away as the incident happens.  From what I hear…people ARE getting banned.

Search Xbox Live Gamertag Info at XUG!

Sorry for the little bit of “away” time I took from the blog.  I have been slacking.  I’ve been having trouble posting here.  Everytime I go to create a post, my computer asks me if I want to debug the page because of issues with it.  It is something new, and…we can’t find a solution.  So I am going to start writing with Windows Live Blogger now.

Back to the story.  Well, my buddy, Stonyarc, works over at  He is the mastermind behind many of the features that XUG has.  He has just coded an Xbox Live Gamertag Info search.  Want info on any gamertag, in an easy to read format that is easy to the eyes?  Well, then head over to XUG.

You can find Stonyarc’s post about the new feature here.

You can view thefeature in action heree.

The podcasts I listen to

To tell you the truth, there isn't anyone right now that I have listened to in the last month.  I really dont even listen to all that many podcasts.  I listen to one, which I won't name because of different reasons.

The most surprising, is that although I am a gamer, I don't consistantly listen to any gaming podcasts.

Want to help me in a contest?

Well, they are running a little bit of a contest to see who gets the most users to join.

I really would like for everyone to join, as they do provide alot of services.  You can see the pretty and sweet gamercard on the left side of my blog.

Not only that, you can have your own info page, that provides even more info than

So…I am helping you, so can you help me and sign up here?

Thanks everyone!

Who has the best Gamertag Blog?

XUG is running another contest, and it revolved around the great service that Rhyze and Stonyarc have put together.  Stonyarc has done alot of work with it, and it really is a great service.

This post, and the past couple of few are being cross posted.  I want to foster the great service that Stonyarc has set up.  I wanted to keep this blog, as I have rebuilt the readers that I somewhat lost when I moved from MSN (now Live) spaces.

So check out the candidates and Vote!

Wednesday’s new live arcade title, Scamble, has been delayed! Official!

Just got word from Microsoft that Scramble, the Xbox Live arcade title that was supposed to be released tomorrow is actually going to be delayed.  Here is the official statement:

As part of our Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday’s program, “Scramble,” the classic arcade side-scrolling, space shooter from Konami, was slated to go live tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6.  However, during the final testing and certification of the title, we discovered some minor issues that should be addressed.  Therefore, we are going to take an extra week and fix these items to ensure a high quality game experience for all when the title does launch on its new date of Wednesday, September 13.  Until then, we have a new bonus release going live tomorrow – the new Project Gotham Racing 3 theme deck for UNO will making its debut.

I understand that the PGR3 deck for Uno isnt as good, but just take this time to realize that they are making an effort to:

1) Make sure quality goes out.
2) Give the community something.

Ill see what the pricing will be for the PGR3 Uno Deck