Its taken two years, but it has been done!

This truly just speaks for the popularity that Halo 2 has had for the past two years, as well as the popularity of the now King of Xbox Live Games…Gears of War!

Halo 2 has been the top dog for Xbox Live, for the past 24 months, but it has been dethrowned by the new game, Gears of War.  This isn’t really a loss for MS, but it is a win, and example that the Xbox and Xbox360 console will not rely on just one game, that being Halo 2.  CliffyB and his team at Epic have put together a great game, with a good story line as well as addictive and fun.

Here’s to waiting for H3 to try to top Gears of War!

Man, this year is going to be good.


Happy Birthday Xbox!

Well, today is the day.  Xbox is turning a big number 5.  It has been a good, fun 5 years.  I purchased my first Xbox back in January of 2002, after playing Halo with my buddy (who got an Xbox at Christmas).

You have probably heard the news…new H2 maps (I believe for the 360), as well as a new screen from Bungie…oh, and that small thing called a public Halo 2 Multiplayer Demo.

Great Job Microsoft and Bungie…keep it up.

Doesnt the little brother look so good?


Sorry for the lack of activity here at my blog

I’ve just been busy, and not really wanting to blog.  I know, its bad, but with school, athletics, and…games like GEARS OF WAR!!! (woot!), its been hard to find time, or things even, to blog.

My buddy Brandon, from, purchased a Zune today and LOVED it.  I am really thinking of getting one.  With the interaction between it and the 360, it should be very cool.  I have been searching through, and actually purchasing, songs from the Zune Marketplace.  This may be the beginning of my digital purchases, as compared to buying a CD.  It is already set up (1 easy step) for me to stream my newly downloaded/purchased songs from the Zune Marketplace, to my 360.  Sweetness is what it is.

On other notes, has been updated and will now let us post videos!  Hopefully it works for other services as well, including MS’s Soapbox.

I am off to North Carolina for a meet for the next couple of days.  Have a good one!

XUG customizes your Xbox Live

In yet another service provides by Xbox Users Group, via the XCDP serivce, they bring you “My Live”.  It is a way for you to customize your Xbox live info in any way you want.  It gives you access to the vast amount of data provided by XUG, again via the XCDP service.  You have to be a member of XUG, but you can get a demo of the new service here.

Stonyarc just keeps rolling with these features!