Windows Vista Ultimate Extras begin to roll out.

A cool part about the “Ultimate” SKU of Vista, are the “Ultimate Extras”.  They are cool little things, that vary.  For the official launch of WIndows Vista, they rolled an update to BitLocker as well as a free came, Texas Hold ‘Em.

It is a bit different than the 48-hr free version that appeared on the Xbox360 back in August of 2006, but very cool and neat in and of itself.  Check it out!

Be rewarded for what you do with your Xbox 360!!

Alright, I got a little bit of inside info here.  Its about a new program.

Xbox is going to be rolling out a really cool program, in which you are rewarded for what you do.  Inside of the next two months, Xbox will be rolling out the appropriate program.  At a later date (probably to coincide with the launch) there will be a website for you to register for this program.  It will be FREE to Xbox Live members of both flavors, gold and silver (rules accordingly).

The Xbox team will be teaming up with multiple partners/sponsors to support this program.  The prizes you win for “doing what an Xbox360 gamer does” will vary and will be limited.  So, you will have to act quick, fast and accordingly.

 I was also told, that as of right now, the program will only launch in the US.  It is regarded as a pilot, so the better response that we get…the more likely it is to survive, and from there…I don’t know.

This really is a great program that I think many will like.  Official info will be rolling out in the weeks to come.  And who said playing games didn’t get you anything?

New Nine Inch Nails Album on the horizon!

I constantly switch between what my favorite band is…but, I really think I found a band that I can constantly like.  It mixes just so many sounds, that it can never get old.

This is from Trent himself:

Posted on [12_13_2006] by trentreznor

Is it possible I am actually finished writing and recording a new nine inch nails record?  Apparently so.  We begin mixing in January!

Juggling fifteen all-new tracks around.  Testing sequences.  No leftovers from “with teeth”.  Highly conceptual.  Quite noisy.  ****ing cool.

I am hoping its a good album, but I will buy it none the less.  Probably will purchase it via Zune’s Marketplace.


Forza 2 to Hit North America in May 2007!!

This just in from Turn 10, the developers of Forza.  They have stated on their site, that Forza 2 will hit North American store shelves in May of 2007.

Why is there no specific date set?  Che already took care of that:

Our schedule right now has us hitting Xbox certification around the middle of April and going gold soon aftewards. We want them to put the game on shelves as soon and fast as they can humanly muster. So optimistic estimates have us at retail in the first half of May — obviously the sooner the better and that’s our goal.

Source:  Forza Motorsports Official Site.

New VMP Content for the week of Jan 22nd, 2007

Just got this word from Xbox:


Skyland from Nicktoons – first episode of the series is free for one week (until Monday 1/29 at 11:59PM PST).  If they like it, the entire series is available for download now, before it has even aired on TV.  This has NEVER been done before and is not available anywhere else(not on iTunes).

New Content this week

Tuesday 1/23

  • Skyland (Nicktoons) – Season 1, Episode 1 free for a week
  • Wild World of Spike (Spike)
  • Inconvenient Truth (Par) – 2007 Academy Award nominated
  • Lady in the Water in HD (WB)
  • Beerfest in HD (WB)
  • Wickerman in HD (WB)

Wednesday 1/24

Lionsgate Studios Launch

  • The Descent in HD
  • American Haunting in HD
  • See No Evil in HD
  • Blair Witch Project in HD
  • Requiem for a Dream in HD
  • Cecil B. Demented in HD

Thursday 1/26

  • World Trade Center (Par)
  • Barnyard (Par)

Free Episode Details

Nicktoons’ Skyland (until Monday 1/29 at 11:59PM PST)

  • The Story

In 2251, the earth shattered into millions of blocks that now float in orbit around its core. These blocks remained suitable for living, and life resumed on them. Water is now the most precious resource. The Sphere, a council of leaders assembled from all over the world, has installed a dictatorship that controls water distribution.

Marcus and Mila, who spearhead the pirate resistance movement, seem poised to fulfill an ancient prophecy telling of Skyland’s rebirth. Shortly before the birth of their second child, Lena, Marcus and most of the pirates disappear during a major offensive against the Sphere. Mila decides to raise her children under a new identity on a quiet block called Babylonia but is eventually kidnapped by Oslo, the evil leader of The Sphere army.

Lena and her brother Mahad manage to escape, and find refuge living among the rebel pirates. They now must set off on a perilous journey to try to free their mother while Oslo tries to capture Lena, who is the key to absolute power.  The battle that these 2 children lead will breathe new hope into this world…

  • The Creators

– is a graphic designer, artist, and painter. He has directed and created hit shows such as Tarzan. Pod, Batman, and Mars.
Alexandre de La Patellière – screenwriter for the French animated movie titled Renaissance (2006).Co-wrote the French movies Les Parrains and La Jungle.
– wrote many TV series and full length films including, Renaissance, God Fathers, and directed/wrote the full length film; La Jungle

Yup, that is right, there is a free piece of Video Marketplace Cotent.

Breakdown of the Cables to get the Xbox360 to go HD

John Breakwell, over at the MSDN blogs (I am subscribed to the whole MSDN blog group), has a really good breakdown of the Xbox 360’s HD capabilities in regards to the type of cable you use.  Since the 360 only supports HD through the component, and VGA cable, he broke it down in a chart for those two cables.

(The chart is from John’s blog post)

Thanks again John.  You can head over to John’s blog here.