Good Bye Syracuse Swimming

You may or may not know, that currently I am a member of the Syracuse University Men’s Swimming and Diving team.  Its unfortunate today, that I write that the 2007-2008 season will be the last season for the Men’s and Woman’s swim teams.  My goal is to be able to get a whole season this year.  That may or may not happen, depending on if people decide to transfer.

Its unfortunate, and Daryl Gross, who’s track record too good (worst SU football Season, Men’s Lacrosse doesn’t make the playoff for the first time in 25 years, and Men’s Basketball misses the Tourney, all under his administration), has decided to call quits to the swim team in order to start up a Woman’s Hockey team.

Syracuse on the Block – Updated []

New Online Gaming Magazine:

The Blue Skittle Logo

Got word that a new online gaming mag has gone live.  It is a project taken on by a large amount of gamers, one being Ichigo Sage (also known as Pink Sage, who is a contributor to, as well as running her own Zune blog:

I took a quick look at the magazine, and at over 30 pages, it is a pretty nice magazine.  I love the layout of it, and the writing is really top notch.  Head over to

Just so you know, the “blue skittle” is the “online term” for the X button that is on the Xbox 360 controller.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Logo

I am watching a video of Microsoft Surface Computing at (’s page), and all I need to say is…I am bumbed.  Why?  Because it is releasing to commercial partners first.  Scoble says it costs a couple of grand per table because all of the hardware available, so I wouldn’t be able to afford one anyways.

All in all, I really hope this things come to the consumer quick, and at an affordable price.  Heck, if you have seen the new Ubisoft Trailer (available in HD on the Xbox Live Marketplace), for “Tom Clancy’s End War”, this could have gaming applications.  This would make RTS games almost as simple as an old Atari game.  You can zoom to your troops all the way in the upper right quadrant quick, select an action for them and then quickly go help my troops that are being attacked in the lower left quadrant.

The applications are almost endless.  My only fear is that someone gets it, and a friend slams something down too hard and it goes.  But, I am pretty sure they have assumed that and have made it robust.

Check it out at

Err…watching the video more.  Why do they use an old Forza movie?  Come on guys…Forza 2 just released!  (Yes, I understand at the time of the video the game probably wasn’t released, but we have had videos for many months now).

I am considering changing my ‘Tag

My gamertag is from March of 2003, and…I kinda feel like I have outgrown the tag.  First, it kinda sounds dorky when I go to an event and get asked what my gamertag is.  “Mastaglach820”.  Yea, a bit dorky.  That, and I kinda want a change.

Right now, the choices I am going with are “Capital G” and just shortening it to “Masta Glach”, and getting rid of the numbers, or going really short and going with Glach.

Now, PIMCO, I know which one you may be going with.  :P.  Any other opinions?

Initial Forza 2 Impressions

Many of you can tell by my gamercard on the left side, that I have been playing Forza 2 (quite a bit) and racking up some achievements.  To keep my feelings simple…it ROCKS!  You may have heard of “horrible jaggies”, but that is not the case.  Yea, it comes and goes, but to tell you the truth, you don’t notice it really.  When you are driving at over 100mph, you just try to look to make sure you setup correctly for that next turn.

C6 Z06 at Mugello

As for the career, you may feel like you are “flying through it” quick to begin with, but once you start hitting the longer races, and the AI gets harder…your advancing slows a bit.  But man, does it ever get any more fun than that?!?  No.

I plan on rolling out some posts (if I can ever get my hands off the game) over this week, talking about sweet parts of the game, from the career, to arcade (oh, I am ranked #2 in exhibition mode, in class R1 on mugello…I LOVE Mugello), to the “paint shop” and much more!

Aston Martin DB9 - 1

New Velvet Revolver track on the Zune Marketplace!

While watching TV last night, I happen to catch Matt and Slash from Velvet revolver on Fuse.  My opinion, Fuse is better MTV in the music department.  Anyways, they were discussing the new album coming out, Libertad, if I recall correctly (out in July), and the world premiere of their new video “She builds quick machines”.

I was able to search, find and purchase the song on the Zune Marketplace.  Head there to download it…another great VR song!

Thesomeone’s Massive Halo 3 MP Beta Overview!

Thesomeone, my usual H3 playing buddy, has composed a colossus overview of the Halo 3 multiplayer beta.  If you haven’t had the playing time, or have been killed before you can look around, take a gander at his Halo 3, term paper sized, beta overview.  The sheer size just screams details to you.


Warning:  If your eyes hurt from the sheer amount of text…sorry, but you are better off with the knowledge.  Just take a little nap in the middle.  🙂

Head over to Thesomeone’s blog.

Trixie interviewed Thesomeone a couple of years ago.  Learn more about the dude behind Thesomeone.