Want to view Dashboard themes before purchasing?


I stumbled across a site, that truly, I wish I knew existed before today.  How many times have you purchased a theme for the Xbox 360 dashboard and went “Why did I spend money on this?”.  To also be frank, I do not believe I have ever purchased a PDLC (premium download content = “not free”) dashboard theme since I received my Xbox 360 (launch console = “knock on wood).

I’ve never have seen the reason to buy one, but also…I was ALWAYS afraid.  Yea, 150 points are not that much, but it adds up.  If I buy 4 themes, and don’t like any of them, that is a song pack for Guitar Hero 2!

The site (dashboardthemes.com) gives you a view of all 5 objects that are skinned to the respective theme:  The guide, live blade, game blade, media blade, and system blade.  They have pictures for EACH one.  Which, is absolutely amazing.  I love it.

Not only that, but it gives ratings to each theme.  2 people like a theme…you will know.

All in all, the site is good.  It looks to be as close to up to date as you can be (has themes are close as 7/13).  Sign up and join the community at Dashboardthemes.com

Gamertag Radio’s – E3 07 Coverage July 10-13th

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July 13 – E3 Coverage Day 3
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