What Forza needs to get me back.

Lets run through a quick list of what Forza Motorsport 2 needs to do, to get me back.  Given, I love the game, but it is at a point where…it is kinda stale.  Its almost the same thing over and over.  Now, I LOVE knowing a tracking and trying to improve my lap times, but playing H3 online, or playing through my PGR4 career is a little bit more “fun” to me now.  So on to the list:

  • New Tracks – This is like a shooter adding a new map.  It is something new that I want to conquer, set fast times and race fast.  Maybe a track like Le Mans or Monza or Indianapolis (formula 1 configuration) would be some great editions.  I do understand that each track may be hefty in terms of space taken up on the HDD, but…I think its worth it.
  • New Cars – I know we have received new cars lately, but, while good it isn’t the type of cars I want.  I love consumer cars, but man, I want some more R class cars.  I want fast cars.  I want cars that challenge each other.
  • New Challenges – Take those new cars and create new races for them.  Pit the Audi’s R10 against the Puegeot’s 908 HDi.  Put the new mustang against the concept Camaro.
  • New Liveries – Get me some cool looking cars.  The new badboyvette’s C6.R that is racing at Laguna Seca this weekend.  Yes, I know I can probably do it myself…but I lack those skills in Forza.

That is just a quick (and relatively) obvious ways for Forza to get me back.  But they are essential.  It would be really great to see some of these happens, so I have hope that the Turn 10 team will do so.

Team G Corvette White-Black-Red Scheme

I know its been a while.

Looks like its been a REAL long time (about a month) since I last posted here to my blog.  I needed a break from a bunch of things, with swimming/training hitting the harder parts as well as tests in classes and projects being due.

My blog is here for me to write about great things for the community (not to really comment on rumors/speculation, that much).  The blog isn’t here for me to establish a community.  Please do not get me wrong, I would love (and hope I do have some) community that reads my blog maybe once a day.  But, it is just for me to get my ideas as well as other community happenings out for more people to see.

Ill probably be posting a little bit more (as we move further and further from the news juggernaut that is Halo 3).

Now, for the most AMAZING C6.R Corvette I have ever seen (hope this paint job stays):

[via autoblog.com]