Scene It? Lights Camera Action : My Review

How do you entertain an entire family from grandparents in their 60’s or 70s, parents in their 30s and 40s and kids in their teens and 20’s, many of which are not the stereotypical “gamer”.  The answer is Scene it.  With questions from movies starring Humphrey Bogart to movies starring Vince Vaughn in “Fred Clause”  (Yes, the Fred Claus that came out in Oct/Nov 2007….AFTER the game came out), anyone has a chance to answer questions.

The questions do not just pull on just fact.  Nor do they pull from what you see in a movie.  You will get questions based on credits, where they provide the position title (ex.  makeup artist, or Director) and the person’s name.  You will also get questions based on video clips, where you have to pay attention to not only what is said, but what happens inside the clip. Even make sure to how many lamps are in a room in certain clips.  🙂

Positives of the Game:

  1. Anyone can play it.  It doesn’t truly matter what your age is.  Obviously, of course the game won’t really be to fun for kids that are young (give or take younger than 12-14), as a good majority of movies that the game is currently based on are from around the time they are very young.  Outside of that it can entertain almost anyone.
  2. It is very easy.  Once you get the general concepts of the different types of games (being able to separate which ones to buzz in for, or how to get the clues for answers), it becomes very easy. 
  3. It never truly gets boring.  You rarely see questions repeated.  You may see the same video clips, but not necessarily the same questions.


  1. This is my opinion…but the game is really only fun when you are in a group.  I haven’t played it yet by myself, but it was just so much fun creating rivalries inside of groups that I can’t imagine that it will be as fun.  With that said, I still think it could be fun to play it in a single player setting.  And by no means, is this a “true” negative.
  2. You will see questions repeated.  While I have never seen a question repeated while I was playing and signed into my account, I have seen a question duplicated.  Do I think I will see it, even if I sign into my profile every time and it keeps track of what questions I have seen?  Yes, with contain that is restricted to what is on the disc, I do expect to see repeating questions.


This game is great for family get together’s.  Since I will be traveling around the US during the New Years Eve time frame, my mother has asked me to leave Scene It at home when I return for Christmas.  And that, frankly, speaks a lot.  My mother is by far not a gamer, with the only games she truly plays are Tetris (I know, classic), and Snood.  If you are looking for a GREAT game to play during Christmas time, I highly recommend picking up Scene It.

The New Velvet Revolver GH3 Pack Rocks!

 I know, its been a little over a week since Guitar Hero 3 launched.  Yes, it MAY be too early for content downloads, let alone premium.  But, Guitar Hero 3 packs 70 songs on disc, with MANY being extremely good songs (and not covers for most of them mind you).  Simply put…if you want the songs buy them.

Today, I decided to add another 500 MP points to my account to quickly download the Velvet Revolver song pack for Guitar Hero 3.  It comes with their first hit, Slither, as well as their most recent hits “Messages” and “She Builds Quick Machines” from Libertad (new album recently released in 2007).  Simply put these songs ROCK!

 “She Builds Quick Machines” (music video) –  The non-guitar solo parts have a good amount of notes in it at the medium level to keep it fun.  Then…the solo part.  Woo! 

“Messages” (listen) is a nice slower paced song that on medium, I found fairly easy.  I hit all the notes, but needless to say I am not a beginner at this (nor am I someone who rocks out at expert).  It is a real nice song, definitely a change of pace.

“Slither” (music video) – Not as fast as SBQM, but definetly a very good song for Guitar Hero 3.  I would put it in a mix between SBQM and Messages, favoring more towards SBQM.

I know…its been a while since some consistant posting.  I hope to change that in about 2-3 weeks.  I should have a review of “Scene it?” later this week, if not early next week.  It will either be here, or there will be a link to my post.