What is the Hold Up With Record Companies and Artists with Rock Band?

This is something I am CONSTANTLY thinking about.  Truly, what is holding record labels from putting content out for Rock Band.  The way I look at it, it is almost free marketing!  Seriously, all a company has to do is allow EA/MTV/Harmonix to create the content when given the music.  It is something that boggles my mind everyday.


Tony Hynes Rocking Rock Band - Courtesy of the Gamerscore Blog


Now, I understand there are a couple of things holding back the content:

  1. EA may be throttling content so that every pack gets it own time to shine-  Yea, this is fair but, I would love to see more content.  Has Xbox Live noticed less downloads per game since going on a(n) (almost) weekly schedule of two new games?  If not, there is no reason why EA should hold back.
  2. The Artists do not want their content on the game-  This one would boggle my mind completely.  Like above, it is free advertising/marketing.  I will be the first to say that I have LEGALLY purchased music from the Zune Marketplace just because I liked playing the song on a game (in most cases it was Guitar Hero songs, but that is irregardless).  What about a now defunct band?  Outside of band fights, this is essentially getting money for a band without even having to do anything!  Now…there are some bands that think quite highly of their music and don’t license it often, see Led Zeppelin.  But those bands, at least I consider are few and far in between.
  3. The Songs don’t fit the game-  The benefit to Rock Band having a guitar, a bass, a drum set and a mic is that there is a lot you can do with the game.  For me, I am DEFINETLY looking to pick up the drums in the next couple of weeks.  Side Note:  My birthday is a week from Monday…so if any one wants to send me a working Xbox 360 drum set…use the contact button up top :).  Anyone continuing on, the same benefit is also its song selection downfall.  You have to have all four parts to be a song.  There are great instrumental songs that I would love to have on Rock Band, but without vocals, you cant render that fourth person useless.  This goes for all songs that have 3/4ths of the equation.
  4. The Music Industry is slow, archaic and doesn’t see the benefit-  Being a NIN, my thoughts on the music industry may be skewed.  (Thanks for the NIN Content though!).  But even with that said, the music industry is slow to the new technologies and it is showing.  CD sales are constantly dropping and you are finally getting your things together for the digital age.  Just get with the program.  Like I said, this is almost FREE MARKETING.  I have an idea for the record labels:
    • New band is coming out or a new album by a Band- Build Rock Band into your marketing strategy.  Give Harmonix $500k-1 mil, and sell the songs at $1 for a week or two.  After that raise it after that.  Or, you can forgo giving Harmonix money, and just give them the ability to use the song and they sell it for $1 (which, I presume is what they get per song when sold at $1.99) for a set amount of time.  After X number of downloads, you or the artist them gets a portion of what is sold.  Really, if this is done, you end up MAKING money on this marketing!

I am still loving Rock Band, and am looking forward to more content, especially NIN content.  It just annoys me that they are kind of slow with rolling out more content.  I should also note that this really sprouts from me wanting Audioslave.  They are almost PERFECT for this game.

Is there a point to system link anymore?

System link used to be THE thing when the original Xbox came out.  You can have massive games with friends all while in the same house.  Then came tunneling software like XBC and Gamespy, where you can play people across the world, especially in titles like Halo.  But with the advent of Xbox Live, the way of system linking kinda went the way of VHS.  Why would I need to drag my Xbox all the way to a friends house, when I can just link up on Xbox Live.

The benefits of Live are pretty big.  I can be playing any Xbox Live game, and receive an invite to play another.  If I am on Guitar Hero 3 and my friend wants to get some Valentine’s Day playlists done on H3, then he can shoot me an invite, I accept it and all I have to do then is put in and launch Halo 3.  Very simple, right?  Exactly.  There is also voice support, so we don’t need to scream for everyone to join or setup, etc…

BUT!  To my dismay last night, I found out that while Call of Duty 4 can do system link it is COMPLETELY useless.  I can understand the 1 person limit in a Xbox Live match, but…for system link?!?  It was a huge disappointment and makes me wonder why the heck a developer includes it for that.  It is truly worthless at that point.

Well…we played Halo 3 instead.

Me, My Blog, Why I haven’t Blogged, and Rock Band

Wow…it has been a WHILE since I have blogged.  There are multiple reasons why:

  1. School just takes up time
  2. I don’t want to blog unless I contribute at least an opinion, or if I give a heads up that not many will see.  I am NOT here to post press releases.  To me…that is pointless, I’ll just head to the gamerscore blog for that.
  3. I kinda got tired of it.  I was at the point where I felt the NEED to blog.  It got to the point where I didn’t want to.  So I didn’t.
  4. Swimming.  I swim here at Syracuse.  Coming back from practice all tired and such, and then having to do work was…too much.


Do I want to contribute more?  Absolutely.  Do I hope people at least kept me near the feed list?  Yea, I hope they did.  So here goes.  This is something that has been on my mind since I read about it last week.

Rock Band and Nine Inch Nails:  More Content to Come

Be Aware that the videos embedded below may contain profanity.  I am 99% sure the profanity will not be in Rock Band.

First off I am a pretty big Nine Inch Nails fan.  I own all (need to check that) 5 major releases from 1989’s Pretty Hate Machine to 2007’s Year Zero (with songs from Broken, The Downward Spiral (full), The Fragile (full), and With Teeth (full)).  So to hear that February’s OXM has news about a new Nine Inch Nails track pack I was extremely happy.  That is probably going to be the first pack for Rock Band that I will purchase.  But…I still have issue with the song choice.  Note:  It is guarenteed that I am buying these tracks the minute they release.

  1. March of the Pigs:  There will need to be alot of vocal editing for this song.  Will they utilize a radio-friendly version that may be in existance?  I would hope because in the explicit album version there are many foul words.  Also, there aren’t always heavy instrumentals.  Yea, near the end there is but…the song seems a little unbalanced.


  2. The Collector:  This song will probably be good for the average person to like.  It has more of a mainstream sound…but isn’t that pre-fab Fallout Boy material.  My issue is that it kinda lacks guitar.  It has a nice base and drum track but the guitar seems stale.  It may be different when playing but I feel there are better songs.  More on that later.  The video will showcase how the song is going to be played.  You get a clear view of the drummer (Jerome Dillion) as well as Trent singing and playing guitar, with Aaron North also playing.  Playing Bass is Jeordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez with Marilyn Manson).


  3. Perfect Drug:  This song, I feel, may be the hardest for people to get used to.  It has a unique sound, which I like.  The song is catchy, im just not sure how it is going to play.  It will be a little weird.  Take a look at the video to get an understanding.




What I think Should have been included:

  1. Getting Smaller (With Teeth, 2005) –  It is a face paced song with a good balance of guitar, bass and drumming.  A good amount of vocals as well.  The unofficial video (Fight Club dubbed with “Getting Smaller”) can give you an idea as to what the song sounds like).


  2. Last (Broken, 1992).  Overall a good rock song.  Again, a good balance of the 4 parts.  Video again is unofficial with the song dubbed over.  Quality of the video is…meh.


  3. Head Like a Hole (Pretty Hate Machine, 1989).  The Live version would be even better, since the original has a bunch of synths but still a great rock song.



These are just a couple of ideas for me.  Hopefully, ill be posting a bit more.