interviews Codemaster’s Rod Cousens ran an interview with Codemaster’s Rod Cousens about Codemasters winning the Formula1 license.  Its a short interview, but from it you get the picture that they are really going to try to bring Formula1 to the mass consumer.  If they are able to do this, Formula1 can be one of those top games.  If they are able to mix arcade (for the “general” gamer) with the simulation (hardcore), it could be a game that will sell millions of copies.


Its unfortunate that in the US, we have almost a lack of interest in racing series that really utilizes technology.  Yes, I understand there is technology in NASCAR, and Indy Car and such but not nearly the amount that there is in Formula1.  Formula1 has really spawned new technology that you see in some of the top sports cars in the world.

Anyways, head over to the interview.

[The future of F1 videogames – exclusive with Codemasters’ Rod Cousens –]