Twitter and Bobby Flay

It may not make sense linking twitter and Bobby Flay, the popular chef that has multiple programs on the Food Network.  But, understanding the way that twitter needs to be to achieve success are.

The YES Network had a one on one interview between Michael Kay and Bobby Flay for the Centerstage program.  And inside the interview, in a response to Kay asking about celebrities coming to his restraurant, mentioned that he did not care much for the celebrities coming in during big openings of his new restaurant(s).  Why?  Because he mentioned that he did not want his restaurant to be known as a “hot spot”, and like everything in Hollywood, a hot spot is only hot for so long.  He was more interested in it becoming successful the same way many other restaurants have in the past, with a good base of customers, many that are local, that can go to the place often.

That is where I think Twitter’s success needs to be.  The way Twitter has exploded recently (which may be the reason has been flaky) is via the celebrity club.  Twitter has become so popular and mainstream that even ESPN talks to athletes about twittering, and if they don’t will they and/or why they dont.  Twitter has to keep that “ground movement” of users, instead of just trying to become popular with celebrities, in order for it to succeed.  If it doesn’t, like many other web 2.0 startups, it has a good chance of failing.


What is with the lack of updates?

For my class, IST500, we have to write a posting atleast once a week, and I have been laking.  It is not because I am lazy.  I have published multiple posts here at this blog for a couple of years, with the high end being near 2-3 a day.  I haven’t been writing, because I haven’t felt there is anything to add.


To me, having a blog is a great way to get information out, but it should be something that is either good for the community or stirs some sort of conversation.  And, frankly, I feel like I have failed that here.  I have published opinion pieces telling large companies how they can do better (Microsoft and F1), I have given a sort of exclusive with some games (playing gears early and creating a rough [very rough] layout schema for a map that no one else saw, three months before the game came out).  Ive written how community members can get some hardware to transfer content from one HDD to another.


I can make lists for a while.  But, in reality, there has not been much that I can add.  You can get more exclusive info quicker via Larry Hyrb and his blog (, as well as Joystiq and


Maybe its time to change content.  Because…ill be posting more.



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