June 2005

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Interesting supervision to me today was sent by Irina Naumova. Investigating means of Profiler searches of a configuration of Multi Server Administration, she has found out not documentary procedure:

Xp_servicecontrol N’Parameter1‘, N’Parameter2

Parameter1: Start, Stop, Pause, Continue, QueryStatus – this for informs is started service whether or not
Parameter2: A name of service


EXECUTE xp_servicecontrol ‘Start’, ‘SQLSERVERAGENT’

Still Irina has found interesting system function – platform() which informs a used platform:

SELECT platform () & 0x1   — = 0x1 -> NT
SELECT platform () & 0x100 — = 0x100 -> Desktop Edition
SELECT platform () & 0x2 — = 0x2 -> Win9x

As I have found out, these system procedure and function work on SQL Server 2005 also.