Roles and Responsibilty of SQL Server DBA

  • What is a role of a DBA in an organization?
  • What are the daily activities of a DBA?
  • What shall I check on regular basis?
  • What all processes shall I automate ?
  • What are the precautions, I have to take additionally?

These are the common question being asked in-common on may forums, here is what my listing is

• Design and implement Disaster Recovery

• Design, development, upgrade and Migration of Database Server.

• Providing support and handling most critical situations in vast variety of database systems.

• Database Optimization / Query Performance Tuning.

• Design and implementation Automated Database & Application fail over server setup.

• Capacity Planning, Change Management and Admin. Documentation.

• Review of existing design and specifications of the system.

• Design and documentation of operational specifications of the system.

• Monitoring of the development process, in order to confirm optimum performance of the system.

• Preparation of standards and follow up rules for the back – end system, to ensure a fully secured and a robust system.

• Design and implementation of the logical & physical structure of the database.

• Monitoring of performance of database servers and providing tuning measures.

• Performing database / application wide query tuning operations.

Try automate every process that needs to be performed on daily basis and/or requires manual intervention.

—  Hemantgiri S. Goswami (

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