Enders Game

I’ve read another book on Rory‘s list. It was Enders Game by Orson Scott Card.

I enjoyed it but it wouldn’t be on my list of all time great books. It struck me how long it was since I’d read a science-fiction novel. It reminded me of Robert Heinlein’s work.

It’s about a super-bright young kid that is shipped off to battle school to learn to be a commander. The world at that stage is trying to breed a super-commander for an upcoming confrontation with the “Buggers”. I have to laugh when I saw the name. My youngest daughter was often called “Bugger” as her cousin couldn’t say Margaret and it came out as Bugger and the name just stuck 🙂

New Aus & NZ SQL Server mailing list

While travelling with the security summit, I was struck by how many times I was asked about a local SQL Server mailing list. One existing option is the forums on sqlserver.org.au but people like the “in your face” nature of the existing AusDotNet mailing list our mate Dr Pete Stanski set up.

I spoke to my new co-workers at Readify, Graeme agreed to fund the traffic and Bill Chesnut helped with the setup. You can now subscribe to SQLDownUnder@listserver.readify.net by emailing “subscribe” (or “unsubscribe” to leave) as the subject.


Demon-haunted world

While travelling for the Microsoft Security Summits, I’ve been doing more reading. I just finished Demon-Haunted World (Science as a candle in the dark) by Carl Sagan.

Another great book from Rory’s list. Carl Sagan’s ability to clearly describe the history, current position and future of science education is fabulous. He discusses the importance of having a scientifically aware (and skeptical) public. I particularly enjoyed the sections on his role in the cold war era and, when reading the section on the parlous nature of current high-school science education, I felt as though I was reading my own thoughts.



Big Changes Underway

Having just sent the paperwork off, it’s time to make it official. I’ve taken a Principal Consultant role with Readify.

The role will involve setting up a SQL Server practice for them, initially based around the Yukon/SQL Server 2005 product release and readiness training. I think it will be a refreshing change for me and I look forward to working with their clients as they seem to have attracted a very high-quality clientele.

Over recent years, I’ve been so impressed with the quality of staff they have been hiring that if I was going to work for anyone other than myself, it would have had to have been Readify or directly for Microsoft.


Another excellent book

A while back I posted about Rory Blyth’s best books list. One of the ones on it was Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl. I just finished reading it while on the flight down to Adelaide tonight for the Microsoft Security Summit. What an excellent little book (small book and only 179 pages)!

The first half of the book is his tale from time in Auschwitz. I’ve read some other survivor stories but this was brilliantly graphic and memorable. The second half is his thoughts on the “meaning of life“ (not the Monty Python variety). Recommended!


A Classic Tale

I spent the weekend up at Noosaville. Did a bit of fishing when the weather was ok but also read all of Wuthering Heights. My step-daughter Tanya had to read it for school. I’d never done so, so I started reading it. Didn’t expect to but actually really enjoyed it. Awesome work from Emily Bronte only in her 20’s in the 1840’s. Now I can see why they call it a classic.